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August 01 2012

Fox Entertainment take action over unofficial Firefly MMO. DarkCryo Entertainment's MMO is now the "project formerly known as Firefly Universe Online".

"Saw that comin'." - Jayne Cobb
"Well, what you plan and what takes place ain't ever exactly been similar." -- Jayne Cobb, again.
What is the over/under on how long they can say they were "formerly known as" Firefly Universe Online? I'm betting... a day?
I was wondering about that, too.
I don't know if my heart can take all of these shocking developments :).

*Please note my sarcasm.
I don't play MMOs but why doesn't Fox make their own? Fans have clearly been wanting one for about the last 10 years.
20th isn't in the business of making games. Not exactly their core competency. If a legitimate gaming company pitched a game to them and wanted to pay for the license, I'm sure they would seriously consider it and have in the past.
Rockstar should make a Firefly video game. They make awesome scale, emotional punchy, entirely open world games.
Turbine would probably do it pretty well, also.
The best MMO property Fox has under the Mutant Enemy banner is the Buffyverse. Set in the post-Season 7, pre-8.33 plot twist and/or plot implosion, you would have a good setting for multi-faction, multi-class PVE and PVP gameplay, could incorporate all IP from "Buffy" and "Angel" into it. But "Buffyverse" merchandising is typically knickknacks, not gaming.
Considering Fox shut down the Once More With Feeling sing-along event and and took down my Buffy themed youtube video after one week this is no surprise.

If you want a Firefly-like game experience look at:
I laughed when I saw this headline. Not because I'm mean-spirited or anything, but I just also thought this was going to happen at some point.
Their current site message "At the behest of Fox Entertainment, the project formerly known as Firefly Universe Online is undergoing radical transformation to become the most revolutionary, ground-breaking massively infinite roleplay experience" has been up since at least last Friday.

That's a C+D I would enjoy reading, mostly because of Dark Cryo's earlier post:

"We have been in communication with more members of Hollywood than one can fathom, and the notion from Trolls that we are flying blind cannot even be dignified with a response. That being said, out of respect for signed non-disclosure agreements, we cannot give specifics."

Questions and Remarks

1) What exactly constitutes a "member of Hollywood"?
2) I can fathom a whole lot. Dude.
3) "Critic" does not equal Troll. (Or neither "H8ter" - but that's another story.)
4) We've signed a fair few NDA's at our company (Ragtag Design) & they don't prevent you from protecting yourself from claims of being an IP thief.

However, this from that same Dark Cryo post does kind of open one up to them:

"How many of you are those actually devoted to the project regardless of licensing, as oppose to those whom have joined us only under the condition that we receive official endorsement?"

Oh, dear. The whole thing was kinda sad - the writing, the content, the spelling errors, the whole gestalt screamed out "Not. Gonna. Happen."
Yeah, you have to watch out for those screaming gestalts; they can be problematic to say the least.
'Specially when they holler like Shepherd Book - 'cos I believe him when he says stuff. #SpecialHell
Screaming guys aren't forming another band, are you?
Screaming gestalts ain't got nothing on the screaming heebie jeebies!
It's a shame, because their vision for the MMO was fantastic and whatever they're gonna call it now, it's going to be amazing when it's released. Would have done a lot to introduce new people to Firefly when all of the sudden that was the name of the best new MMO on the market.
Actually, Cease and Desist would be a pretty cool name for an MMO. I also saw this coming like River and Reavers.
If it is a truly excellent MMO then it will succeed on its own merits. And maybe for their next game they can get the license first and then use the name of the property instead of trying to fund their development on the back of a name they had no right to. Just a thought.
Their website also now says: "At the behest of Fox Entertainment Group, we have mutually agreed it best to remove both the banner and video depicting the Firefly Universe Online project in its current form during this window of license negotiation."

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