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August 01 2012

Ok, fine, I admit it... I was completely wrong about Buffy. "I knew the basic idea. I knew it was about vampires being slain, I knew there was a spinoff series, Angel, and I had some odd idea that Billy Idol was in it but I had no idea it was this good."

Buffy was the first thing in the world that I ever felt connected to. It has played an enormous role in shaping my life and I love it dearly. When I encounter a Joss fan who is not into BtVS, I just can't understand it. "The highs are dizzying" Truer words...
Restless is another episode (along with The Body and Hush) that broke out of the typical format and told a much richer story than most standard episodes could. "You think you know what you are, what's to haven't even begun." First time I saw that, I couldn't imagine what was ahead, and every season just raised the stakes.

...I didn't mean to pun, but that suits this show.
"and I had some odd idea that Billy Idol was in it"

Well actually Billy Idol stole his look from-- never mind.

Cool read!
Billy Idol wishes he was in it.
ITA on The Body. Best hour ever put on TV.
"I canít remember why I let it pass me by the first time around."

Seems to me that there were other shows in the time period that had their devoted fans and a long run. As for me, I totally missed out on Alias because it aired at some time or other that left no room in the VCR. Somehow I haven't gone back to watch that one. :)
It baffles me that people who should "know better" are STILL dismissive of the show. Is it because it has vampires and Twilight being Twilight now retroactively makes everything with vampires bad? Is it (still) the name? Is it because it's "old"? Is it because it starts out in a High School setting?

But I'm glad there are people out there who actually do see the greatness even after years of ignorance (somehow that word sounds harsh but I can't think of a better one).
I'm always happy to see another person converted to the faith. Too many people dismiss this show because they think it was only for kids or they think its only for girls when Buffy has something for everyone.

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"Itís sort of like listening to The Beatles and hearing where all your favourite bands came from." Made the article for me! Buffy and Beatle-love. Yay.

I always love reading these things. I can remember myself scoffing at the title a few years ago, going, "that woman looks like she's about 30, why's she playing a high schooler?" and "Oh god his (Angel's) hair." How wrong I was, how very wrong. Well, not about the hair.
A great read. I had a similar experience a few years ago. "Love" is a word that is much overused, as in "I love muffins", but actually there is no other word for what I felt after finishing Buffy on DVD for the first time. I fell hopelessly in love with the show and everything connected to it, and although that first passion has turned into "five years into a great marriage"-type of warm, fuzzy feelings by now, Buffy did change my life.
I always feel this odd twitch of juvenile pride when I think about the fact that I jumped on the Buffy train from the beginning. Sometimes I actually forget, when looking back at say the first season through the lens of how much Joss would grow and master his craft that even at Buffy's worst it was still a billion times wittier than anything else that was on TV at the time.

I remember why I was sold too. I had just seen Scream and had fallen in love with some of it's clever writing. Buffy adverts spoke with a similar voice, with similar attractive/dorky high schoolers (it helps that every character was my age and grew up with me). Loved it from the beginning, had no idea how good it would get. How much it's writing and arcs and characterization would blow a (mere) movie like Scream out of the water.

I've recently unearthed this memory of when I first really realized their might be something (really) special here, waaaay back in S1 where I thought Angel was actually a no foolin' angel til the episode "Angel". I still think that was a nice little early hint at Joss' bait and switch writing. Sorry, stories about emerging Buffy fanhood always gets me nostalgic.
ChuckBuried, my wife and I talked about this feeling of watching a show as it airs versus on DVD or on Netflix without the suspense, hind-sight, or widely known spoilers, relating Buffy to any show we watch. Your Angel memory is great. I know we all had similar feelings about Tara's origin. I remember the things like Earshot and Graduation Day being delayed, everyone online thinking Willow was dead since Halloween, the crazy speculation after Restless, so much more....
Ah, threads like these take me back. Not far enough back, I'll confess: I was a latecomer. I, too, thought it was a ridiculous idea, far inferior to my Babylon 5. (I was such an SF snob...) Then I was, as the article put it, effectively Clockwork-Oranged into watching, and found true love...

Well, at least until the Wire. And ultimate Buffy is waaaay more inspiring.

ChuckBuried, CaptainB, when I show this series to my children I will show them it one episode at a time, on Tuesdays. I want them to have time to think and ponder and dream. Now, to acquire some children...
Hi guys,

I wrote the article and just wanted to say thanks for the kind words and thanks for adding to your site. I mentioned to Simon that in two months I've gone from "Firefly Fan" to "Crazy Wheadon Groupie" and it feels nice.

Thanks again, and I'm looking forward to jumping into the community.
Please know you're welcome, we love new minds!

Joss' "Slayer Girl" tends to draw attention. I can't imagine why.....:)

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