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February 13 2004

'Blame' Tim McCanlies... for the swordfight between Angel and Lindsey.

IGN Filmforce talks to writer/director Tim McCanlies, in which he talks about Christian Kane and reveals the origin behind the big swordfight.

It starts a little more than half-way down page 8 of the interview.

Christian Kane, like most men, just can't pull off the mustache without looking silly.
i think he's getting a bit carried away thinking it was 20 minutes long
I'll say one thing about the swordfight (apart from it being something akin to Jedi versus Sith) the music was excellent.
Prufrock - that was exactly what I thought when I saw that mustache! It looked like it was badly glued on or something.
Blame as in funny.
Blame him, no - kiss him, yes - sorry I love a good sword fight and there aren't that many now a days. When I saw this fight I was blown away by how well it was done. I loved it and would like to see more of that type of action again. A little less hand to hand MA and more weapons fighting mixed with the MA would be great.

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