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"Can you believe this, not even ten o'clock and we've already run out of yacks bile!"
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August 01 2012

Simon Helberg on the Dr Horrible sequel. Short clip of Moist himself talking some Dr Horrible at Comic-Con.

I'm really looking forward to this! I'm happy to hear that Simon Helberg is up for being remoistened!
Dr. Horrible has become active again on both Twitter and Facebook. Is this because of the showing of Dr.Horrible on TV or is he going to announce something new? He certainly is teasing us, asking if we would like to see more content, etc.
So excited for this.
Okay guys, it's time to retire the "what little indie movie did Joss do again?" joke, because it's gotten old. It was cute when Joss did it a few times, but come on.

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