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August 02 2012

Four new images from Much Ado About Nothing. First look at Nathan and Tom along with three other images.

those shots look GORGEOUS.
That made my day.
Wow, I'm so looking forward to that, those images look amazing! But it's weird to see Tom Lenk with a moustache...
The picture of Amy & Alexis made my heart melt. That's a reunion image we thought we'd never see (albeit in a different context!).
I AM looking forward to this, but I absolutely the movie that came out a few years ago with Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branag. It was so joyful, so I hope this makes me feel the same way. The good thing about shakespeare is that is it can be performed and interpreted many different ways.
Terrific photos but I am hard pressed how the reviewer gets 'strong Oscar contender' from them.
looks great, but it's a bit early to call it an "oscar contender"
I think for some people 'black and white' stands for Oscar material.
Absolutely amazing!
I'm so happy to see a picture of Nathan! I'm looking forward to watch the movie... I have no doubt, it'll be wonderful.
Well Walkdogger all it needs is someone playing a mental handicap or a nude scene and it'd be a shoe-in.
"Would you like me to lie to you know?"

Aaahh what if Illyria made Wesley live through a dream in which he is in a Shakespeare-play with Fred? :D

Can't wait! Thankfully the wait gets more manageable since I've still not seen Cabin so I have something to hold me over until the next Jossy goodness comes along ;-)
@D-e-f-: You have a typo.
But that would have made an interesting reading, with Illyria as Valley Girl.
"Would you like me to lie too, you know?"
Nathan looks so good in black and white! (Scratch that, they all do.)
Nathan, in fact, made me laugh out loud just by his expression. The suspenders may add to it a bit, too.
Want, now!

Or Valley Girl version.
"Want, you know?"
Imo everything looks better in black & white.
Like totally.

But: huh. I enjoyed seeing these, and went to look for the photo credit, and couldn't find one, so I re-read the article and saw only this regarding their source: "...have made their way online..."

There are some official materials offered on the TIFF site - for press, so maybe that's it - but sorta seems like maybe the source should've been mentioned or at least referred to in the heyuguys coverage. (Unless it's there somewhere and I just missed it...)

As if.
The Nathan and Tom picture makes me think of Mad Men even though Mad Men isn't in black and white.
QuoterGal, they are definitely on the TIFF page for the movie itself. No mysterious "made their way online" about it.

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Does anyone know who is the brunette with Amy?
My guess is Jillian Morgese, who plays Hero.
I couldn't stop staring at the picture of Fillion. There was something magnetic about it.
Someone somewhere is writing a Much Ado About Nothing AU fic where Tom and Nathan's characters are 70s cops.
MoonRose, that would be Nathan.
Thanks, b!X. Seems downright odd to me that the TIFF site doesn't give a photo credit - if they got 'em from Bellwether, say, and for some reason there was no photographer's credit with them, you'd think at least they'd credit Bellwether.

And the heyuguys should've mentioned where they got them.

Someone somewhere is writing a Much Ado About Nothing AU fic where Tom and Nathan's characters are 70s cops.

That's funny, Simon. I commented on Facebook about the Nathan/Tom photo that Nathan wearing a raincoat a la Columbo would more fit a modern interpretation of Dogberry (but Columbo acted dumb/annoying on purpose), but I'm good with the braces and tie. Someone whose speech does not fit with what the mode of dress implies is also funny.

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