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August 02 2012

(SPOILER) Preparing the end of Buffy Season 9. Some very cool spoilers to be had in this CBR chat with Andrew Chambliss and Christos Gage.

Good thing I re-checked the front page just before I hit "post".

And it gets me a little TOO happy... BRING IT.

:D :D :D
One of my favourite parts of IDW's run was Angel and Spike together. I know Twilight has messed up that dynamic a bit, but I will be very interested to see how that goes down.
Let the speculation begin:
What IS Buffy's favorite icecream flavour?
Black Rasberry Chocolate Chunk? Moosetracks? Rocky Road? Mint Chocolate Chip? Butter Pecan?
I'm actually really interested in this question. Any thoughts?

ETA Buffy had Icecream in any episode of Angel. Anyone remember the flavo(u)r?

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wasabi17: Wasn't it mint chocolate chip? I haven't seen the episode in a while, so I'm not 100% sure.
Cookie Dough Fudge Mint Chip
Really excited to see how Spike play into A&F. It also lends more credence to some of the theories about the evil duo that Spike will run into in his mini.
Ah, yes. Cookie Dough Fudge Mint Chip. That's it.

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I've been suspecting Spike was going to be appearing Angel & Faith for a while now.Since the miniseries was announced actually.One of the interviews from them indicated Spike wouldn't be back in Buffy's book for a while.As soon as I read that,I figured it meant he would be going to Angel & Faith for a one-off or arc after his miniseries.

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You know, I generally like the writing on the Buffy comic, but the Angel and Faith ones are sometimes, pardon my French, downright terrible. There have been issues that made me just want to quit reading them. The Buffy comics have had some iffy moments down the line, but there are things in Angel and Faith where, if I had seen them on television, I would have yelled at the television. I'm talking Dark Shadows kind of frustration.

Not that it's all bad, but some parts...
Mitholas, I find it vary strange because, in my opinion, Angel & Faith has been consistently the stronger written of the two books. In fact I don't think I've been disappointed in an issue yet. (Wait, scratch that. I didn't care for the Harmony issue. But that may have been the art.)

I'm excited for Spike to go to A&F. The Spike/Angel dynamic is one of my very favorites in the series, and I love what Brian Lynch was able to do with it in ATF. Yay!
Doing my Spangel happy dance!! Has Angel met the bugs? Well, I would love for Angel and the bugs to have some scenes together.
Spike and Angel's relationship is my favorite relationship in the Buffyverse.

I always figured there is still SO much that you can do with their dynamic.

And they'll probably be in London again?!

Please have flashbacks?! Haha.
Spike in Angel and Faith.........
Spike in Angel and Faith........
Spike in Angel and Faith........

If I say it enough times, it becomes real.

WHAT ON EARTH are they gonna talk about?? Are they going to bicker about Buffy?? Please tell me they're going to bicker about Buffy and soul searching and every other amazing thing they're always fighting about but never gets old....

And CHRISTOS is writing their relationship..... He's going to ROCK it.
Well, the two things that Season 9 and "Angel and Faith" seem to be most about are a) pretending that killing Giles was Angel's only real screw-up in Season 8 and even that's pretty understandable under the circumstances, and b) teasing up the near inevitability of Spike and Buffy romance about as deliberately as Season 7 set up the end of "Chosen". So I'm going to say about 80% chance that Spike is there to restore mutual respect with Angel after having said mean things about him in Season 8, and about a 30% chance that Angel may tacitly concede that Buffy could do worse than Spike.
I tend to agree with Giles_34's comment about the writing in Angel and Faith. I, too, have found it to be generally more satisfying than the writing in Buffy. Just tighter, somehow. Don't get me wrong; there has been some truly fantastic writing in BS9, but on balance, I think A&F has its nose in front.

On the art front, though, it's trickier. I think Georges continues to do a wonderful job, but I was underwhelmed by the art in Karl Moline's arc, which came as a big shock. In the past, I've loved his Whedonverse work. A&F has been consistently good.

As for Spike coming over to A&F, I'm pleased, but not thrilled. It's a dynamic I love, but one I've seen before. I'd love it if something a little less expected happened, like seeing Gunn or Connor interact with Buffy, or having Xander and Dawn travel to London...
Speaking of Spike, have we seen the logo for his mini-series before?

I'd love it if something a little less expected happened, like... now that the verse is under the same umbrella there would be no need to pretend that half of the characters in one of the series have no idea and/or need to know what's happening to the other half of the characters in their own series - and call it 'suspense' ? I don't care much for Spike hopping series if he has no clear agenda or purpose. We already saw what happened with Dru's appearance in A&F as the arc simply fizzled under the gratuitous sexiness, pointless flash-backs and too little substance. I am afraid that Spike will simply be there to further delay any movement on the Whistler plot. Yes, I guess S9 thought me to be pessimistic.
Does Joss even write one issue for season 9?
Hmm. Not loving the Spike font.
Buzzkill,Joss wrote Buffy Season 9 # 1.
In A+F, there are some things that have significantly bothered me.

1. Faith's deadbeat dad just happens to show up in London? He - first off - shouldn't actually know where she is. Faith has no family left as far as I can remember and I doubt Faith would be the kind of girl to check in with daddy, let alone tell him she's in London. He's also a drunk and Faith never exactly boasted about coming from money, so it makes no sense that he could afford to just randomly fly to London. It makes even less sense that he'd have loansharks there.

2. The same with Drusilla. Angel and Faith go to London, and Drusilla just happens to be there too? I have a lot of trouble buying that.

3. Giles's aunts sound... really fake-British. I'm not even British... I can't do British. But from what British English I do know/have heard/picked up over the years, that's just not how they talk.

4. I just often feel like the voices just aren't really there. Although that varies from issue to issue. Like the first issue from this arch didn't feel right, but then the second one felt pretty spot on.
Drusilla being in London makes perfect sense.... First of all, Dru can see things so in order to taunt and continue "Angel's work", why not be in London, since she knew he'd be there? And that's her original place of residence... The irony is amazing. As SOON as I realized Angel and Faith was taking place in London, I instantly thought of Drusilla.

Forgive me, I just think that Daddy issues arc is the best Buffy arc in comics so far.
"We know that Ripper was a punk rock guy from the late '70s"

....we do? As far as I can remember Giles' musical tastes were pretty standard 60s rock...
Also I haven't been reading A&F as I chose to see it as a cynical ploy by DH to take more of my money (see also Willow and Spike miniseries), but to hear that Faith's dad showed up in it, yeesh, glad I stayed away.
Last time we saw Dru she was not in England. And she could not have thought of 'helping the helpless ' before getting the Lorophage treatment herself - which happened 'after " she got to London. But by itself Dru's getting sane for the emptienth time was not that bad - her compete out of the left corner acting like turning Darla and being almost burned by Angel never happened - was.

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Digupherbones, thank you! Exactly!
Dru getting sane for the 'emptienth' time? Is that a word that means "first", because they've never actually done that before...?
@KoC They did. Twice. In Spike mini by Lynch, and before that in IWD Mosaic ( which was not canon but still...)
Not thrilled (not surprised either, I figured this would happen but was hoping otherwise) by Spike going over to Angel and Faith. I just...well, I'm biased...I see Spike belonging in Buffy's book and having him over in the Angel title takes time away from Spike's return to the Buffy book. I guess I'll have to wait until season 10 before I'll see Spike interact with Xander and Dawn...or maybe never, it's probably never. :(

But I'm interested in the end of summer meeting they'll be having to set up season 10.

And, at least, they sound as if they are having fun, which is a good thing.
Not very thrilled about the spoiler.

Couldn't DH keep Spike's logo from IDW? I thought anything that is done under the franchise goes to Fox (ends up being owned by Fox)

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