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August 03 2012

Alexis Denisof talks about his participation in The Avengers. IGN interviews Alexis Denisof about the secrecy behind his role in The Avengers.

I never even thought of that: poor Alexis didn't get to go to any of the premiers! I'll bet he would have loved a trip to Moscow (and everywhere else the Avenger cast got to go)!
So when did the "secret bomb" actually drop and how? I've known about it for a while, but didn't think about how it was revealed.
I think it got revealed either when the full cast list came up on IMDB or after the first advance screenings. Not sure which was first.
I remember hearing Alexis was going to be in the movie, but not who he was playing. That was kept pretty hush hush until the movie opened.
Not a fan of video "articles", so I apologize if this is addressed--
Why keep it a secret? The character appears early, it's not a major character, it's not a fan-fave character, and (let's face it) not a particularly big-name actor. Or is it more like a Johnny Depp in the 21 Jump Street remake-who-is-he kind of thing?
That's my question too, Captain.

Heck, I wouldn't have figured out it was Alexis even if I'd known he was somewhere in the movie. I just watched the mid-credits scene, and I still can only hear it in his speech rhythms. And that's only because I knew it was him saying it.

Did Enver get to go to any of the premieres?
On another note, Alexis is super-cute in that vid. What was it originally part of that that actress from New Girl is on with him?
It's for the web series 'H+'.

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