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August 02 2012

Marti Noxon to produce M. Night Shyamalan tv project for Syfy. It's called 'Proof' and is about looking for life after death.

Maybe she'll be able to tell him how to make a good tv show :) It worked for Joss when she said to give Firefly to Tim!
Interesting concept, just hope Marti can keep Shyamalan from going all Shyamalan on it. I still haven't forgiven him for The Last Airbender...
I really liked his direction for "The Village" so I'm giving this project the benefit of the doubt.
Actually, this is a pretty interesting pairing. Really looking forward to the creativity of these two minds. I've always liked Marti's stories.
This partnership is crazy but crazy can be good. Maybe Noxon can ground Shyamalan. The premise is a bit odd, I wonder if it will become Supernatural demon/angel hunter series.
It reminds me of Greenwalt's "Miracles".
I rather think this looks fabulous. But then I'm particularly fond of Marti's work and I think that Shyamalan is a fascinating talent. Admittedly, I don't entirely intend 'fascinating' to bear only its most complimentary connotations...

While I'm not desperately interested in life after death, I do enjoy works that probe at the borders of experience and meaning. It could be good.

I'd love to see 'Miracles', I somehow still haven't got around to it.
If this turns out to be a mixture between Shyamalan's tanked productions and Marti's work on, for instance, Point Pleasant, this show has a lot of potential to end up a complete stinker.
I really liked Point Pleasant. It has some potential, but the early cancelation was a downer.
This new partnership project reminds me of the Houdini story.
As long as Shaymalon himself isnt writing it then I'm definitely onboard. His direction is good, dialogue not so much...
The biggest problem with Point Pleasant was probably the acting. Most of it was bad and most of the actors looked so much alike, I never managed to actually differentiate between most of them.

Also a big issue of mine with that show is that it seemed like they wanted to do The O.C. with supernatural elements, whereas I would expect them to do a supernatural show set in the O.C., the same way Buffy was set in Sunnydale, instead of it being about Sunnydale, which also has vampires and a slayer.
I hope it's something made in the Philadelphia area. Actors in this area could use the work!

I didn't care for "The Village." I figured it all out about 20 minutes into the film, which killed the whole thing for me. Also, the actors' performances were very uneven. There were some great actors in it who gave high school quality performances. I blame the director for that.

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