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February 13 2004

(SPOILER) The End of Angel. David Greenwalt says that Angel will not be renewed. Only general spoilers for next week (if you've seen the promo, it's safe).

"Joss and [executive producer] Jeff Bell told the cast and crew today. We have no understanding of the inner workings of the corporate world, but we've had a long and fruitful relationship with [producing studio] 20th Century Fox and The WB, for which we grateful. We just wish it could have gone on forever. Apparently, it's not going to.

I am totally heartbroken.

I am in shock.

Whole weekend is ruined. Must go off to pout and eat ice cream now.
Eh?? Maybe there's still a chance, though...I can't believe it would just be OVER now...
It's a sad sad day in the Jossverse. *cries*
Okay. The radical in me refuses to accept this. I'm not particularly keen to hear about the failures of Save Our Show campaigns - I just want to hear how we can make a new one work...
Does anyone know if a campaign is being created? I realized buffy had to go...but angel is not ready yet at all! Especially if SMG has not come back to close everything. This is the first time I am willing to fight for a tv show.
this doesnt feel right. i was ok with buffy ending because it was fitting, but this season of Angel...isn't its last. it wasn't built to be its last, i dont think. in a way, i almost wish angel wouldve ended at 4 in this case. i could be wrong, but yeah, ech.
Hold tight. If there's anything fandom can do, I shall let you know.

This is so sad. I don't think I can handle not having Joss shows on TV.

I think it's being overly optimistic to think there's anything fans can do now. How many appreciation campaigns have their been this season alone? No, I think the decision is made. The kicker is, they manage to decide this show won't be profitable(or as profitable as whatever they have planned) only half way through the season. Forget on the bubble, they just popped it.....
Yet lesser shows get renewed just as quickly......amazing....the execs are clueless. I hope whatever they replace Angel with flops mercilessly.....but I'm not bitter.
i refuse to believe it, i refuse to believe it, i refuse to believe it. its just so sudden and that's very strange for jossverse.
I'm sorry, but FECK! (And I would so use the U instead of the E right about now, but I don't know the rules about language on this site.) This is such depressing news, and right now I seriously hate the WB. Not that I liked anything other than Angel and Smallville to begin with. Angel is easily the best show on teevee right now, and it's been getting such fantastic word of mouth lately, and even though the numbers are low, most sources seem to indicate they have improved, right? And the DVD sales have been amazing... and this is what they do to it? (I know the DVD sales don't actually affect the WB, but it isn't exactly like they would hurt.) This is just ugh, such BS, and I hope Joss can pull something off like another UPN move because the show deserves at least another year. So many things have been set up since season one... to never see them would just be terrible. I can't say it enough, ugh.
Why so sudden? Everyone was talking about season 6 and now it's just over? I don't believe this. How can these bloody WB officials praise the show in one minute and pull the plug in the next? Maybe we should do a anti-WB campaign instead.
I feel like I just got slapped. I just thought I was popping over really quick and that post hit me like a ton of bricks. I can't believe it.
And I just looked at the date. Happy fecking Valentine's Day. Geez.
I've been coming to this site and nothing has inspired me to join this site until this horrible news. I'm a longtime lurker here, at the bronze, and, but I just wanted to pass on the official press release from the WB. Since I just joined, I can't post it officially. So if someone else could that'd be great.... The link is,8341,156980,00.html

I'll be in the other room savoring my season 3 dvd's until I hear some good news...
Wait...but really? I was having such a good day too. And thinking, "How many times have I had a good day, on both Friday the 13, and Valentine's Day eve? Oh right, never." Some things never change, I guess.

It's all so sudden. I was actually pretty optimistic about renewal this season, too--things really seemed to be looking up lately. And if the rumors I heard are actually true, that it was a WB decision between renewal for either "Angel" or "One Tree Hill?" Well, now I have another reason to hate jocks.

I'm usually not all "Take a stand" about these kinds of things, but if there's some kind of campaign, I'm in. Should I start loading up on Tabasco sauce or something?
It's just that a show becomes very expensive in the next season. It's a business decision, and it sucks. As for fan campaigns, Firefly got a DVD and has a movie in the works, on a show that only aired a small handful of episodes. Le Femme Nikita came back, too. It does happen. Don't knock fan campaigns. When done well, they do occassionally help.
I knew it - never trust what comes out of Levin's mouth. If he praises something to much you know he's going to kill it. The time is now to take the fight to take the show to the next level. I say we take the battle to FOX to move Angel to the TV to DVD market - I am willing to accept a shorter season if it means they release a 2 episode DVD a month under $20. They did it for Family Guy - so why not test it out with Angel after all it is one of it's best sellers of it's TV Box set catalog and I think that could keep it going then sell the syn rights to FX or TNT. After the DVD are released.
In the words of Daffy Duck: "This means waaaarrr." This is just like a suckerpunch to the gut. Didn't see it coming and it still doesn't make sense. We're an incredibly vocal fanbase. I don't think that the WB realizes what it's just done. BtVS went out without a fight from the fans because it felt right, it felt like it was the end. This is wrong. How long 'til we're organized?
I'm in. They're already flooding the Angel forum at the WB website but I guess nobody is reading that anyway. We have to come up with something better.
Yep, time to fire up the ol' "Stand by your Vamp" campaign. Just tell me where to write to, protest in front of or, um, storm, and I'm there. My torches and mob are already prepared.
I feel like I'm in shock. How can this be??!! Damn The WB!! I don't know what to do with myself now. :(
Uh, guys? This time we really shouldn't do a dorky 'campaign.' That's not gonna work. This time we should hit them where it hurts. All fans of Angel, Buffy and Firefly should boycott Fox, WB and UPN. The networks no longer exist. OR go ahead and watch, but take note of the commercials and stop buying the products that are advertised on those networks.

They wanna broadcast cheaper programming to improve their profits? Fine. We gotta hit them where it hurts: their profit margin. Buffy and Firefly might have been forgivable, but Angel too? Postcards and emails and petitions and cute expensive full page ads in Variety are not proving to the networks that we mean business.

Or as Gunn might say, we don't drop our guard. They popped a fang. Thwack them where it hurts. Take back the night.
The moment I heard this new my heart sank the lowest it ever felt in my entire life. Even lower when I found out my parents were getting a divorce. I pretty much did the same thing Dawn did when she found out that her mother had died... broke into tears(and I'm a guy) I couldn't take the news of ANGEL being cancelled. I screamed, and screamed just trying everything to make the pain go away. But no matter what we do... no matter what we say or what we feel... Angel is still gone.

It's time for us to accept the fact that we all knew sooner or later The WB just wasn't going to keep Angel on the air much longer. We all tied to deny it but we knew deep down that it was true. And what was fortold... what has been prophecized has now come to pass. I say that we all try and make the best of a very bad and terrible thing that affects us all. Angel will go out this year. I've accepted that. Let's just make sure that it goes out with a big mother fucking BANG!
The irony of it all! I was just about to log off my comp. to go watch a taped copy of this past week's ep. of One Tree Hill when I ran into this news.

I am so completely in shock. Mourning. Much mourning. And anger. More anger. We need to do something--whatever it takes.
Personally, I'm going to boycott the WB because that's the network that carries Angel. I will watch Angel but nothing else. I normally watch Smallville and Everwood too but no more. I really suggest to everyone if you are more a fan of Angel than any of their other shows like Gilmore Girls, Charmed, Smallville, Everwood, One Tree Hill and any others show your loyalty to Angel by not watching those shows (or taping them) and just watch Angel. I am also going to send a letter to the WB and thank them for giving us Buffy and Angel but then explain to them that because they have now cancelled Angel in it's prime in favor of lesser shows, I will no longer be watching any other show on their network.

I really think if suddenly large numbers of their viewers just stop watching other shows on their network because of their decision to dump Angel they'll get a huge message from that alone, especially if the only show that shows consistent numbers is Angel and all the others ratings drop.
How could a network that's kept "7th Heaven" on for however-many-years-it's-been-on too many cancel "Angel" after just five? I'm sure they could have fit it on their schedule if they just dumped a few of their oh-so-lame sit"coms."

Way to turn me into the stereotypical "angry teen" in the matter of an hour, WB. I was doing so well, too. In my 19 years of living, I've only written one piece of awful angst-filled poetry. Time for me to go make that two.
(Clears throat....) NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (scream echoes....zoom out to earth....scream still echoes....)

Wow I can't believe it. I thought it would've been on the bubble at least! And did you guys read that BS announcement? Praising it to high heaven, one of the cornerstones of the network, classic TV...and therefore it DESERVES to be!!?? F$@$@*(#*)%$@$_ network numbnutses3%^*@#$

Well it's heart warming and amazing to see hoe quick the response is, and how big. The petition thing is exploding....won't help of course but...

DAMN!!! I watch practically nothing else. Dear lord, Charmed got renewed?? That piece of shit show? That cheap Buffy rip off for bimbos?? AGHHH do I sound BITTER!?? Or One Tree Hill? Otherwise known as "I can't believe it's not Dawson's Creek'??? WTF!? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD!@

Pant pant....ok I know I'm ranting.....Ah damn.

Audience: "But....where shall we go? What shall we do??"
WB: "Frankly we don't give a damn."

Say, anyone believe that TV movie deal they were talking about? Was that just dangling a cookie in front of our noses?
I can't believe that Charmed and 7th Heaven remain on the air and Angel is getting cancelled. For the past year or two, with the abundance of reality programming, I've been developing a simmering hatred for the networks, the Nielsens, and anyone who watches the utter CRAP that is oh so popular these days. That hatred just got cranked up to a boil with this news.

Blwessels -- I do understand your point, but I don't think it would do much good in most of our cases. I don't have a Nielsen box (since, ya know, only like .5% of Americans do and they get to dictate what WE ALL watch!!), so if I stop watching Gilmore Girls (the only other thing worth watching on this evil network) it's not going to help anyone. Besides, I don't want poor Jane Espenson and Danny Strong to be out of work too.
Where do we go from here?

Seriously, this is so ironic because I didn't even start watching the WB until I started watching Angel. Because of Angel, I saw ads for other shows that looked interesting like Smallville and Everwood. So I started watching those shows. Now it's the main network I watch. And that's all because of Angel.

I'm so mad right now I could scream. I've been frantically getting the word and circulating the petition site but I wish there was more I could do. I am in shock and denial thinking maybe another network will pick it up or Joss will start working on a spinoff. Is that too much to hope for? I just can't believe this is happening. I truly believed Angel had a good chance at being renewed. I guess I was being naive.

Coincidentally, I just received my Angel season 3 DVDs today so I'm going to go have an Angel marathon and cry my eyes out.
I am just heartsick.

Wow, this really sucks. And then it's gone.

I hope the WB boils in its own filth! After Angel is gone, they'll certainly have plenty of it to wallow in.
I see your point Mindpieces but it will make me feel better to just not watch anything else on the WB because frankly, why get invested in a show just to have them yank it to put some untested crap on.

Everyone should go and sign the petition though and that other link that has the e-mail address and snail mail address of the WB and voice your views that way. The little Nielsen box only tells so much but being bombarded with e-mails and letters of protest might make a difference.
Is there some place on the Web that keeps track of which sponsors buy time on which networks? Maybe some website where people report in and say what commercials they've seen on what shows. Maybe what we need to start doing as the viewing audience is take conscious stock of which corporate entities are investing money in which shows, and then the shows we actually like, we try to buy their stuff whenever we can, and the shows we don't like we purposefully avoid those products even if we like them. It might cost a little more sometimes and sometimes it would mean going without, but this is the ONLY real way we can 'vote' for our favorite television shows. And y'know it's not gonna be easy work. I'm not even sure where to start. However, avoiding commercials doesn't make them go away. In fact it's the opposite of what we should do. We should pay more attention and follow the money. Maybe it's too much work. This is an election year. Still, I think you and I both know that most of us have a more invested interest in the quality and enjoyment of our television entertainment then we do in the quality and enjoyment of our national politicians.

I can't join y'all on the Charmed bashing though, cuz Rose McGowan is a major babe and a half. I'd wash her feet in a hearbeat, ah tell ya whut.
*tears*, i'm in such shock right now. You know what, this was probably going to happen, at least the WB had the decency to give us some time to grieve. It was probably cancelled because they weren't getting the demographics of 12 year olds they wanted.

This is ending way before its time, this isn't fair.. ahh i need to go watch Angel season 2 now. (i'm too poor for season 3!)...:*(
I wonder if the fact that DB was due for a new contract next season and that they have John Welles' version of Dark Shadows waiting in the wings, they decided to cut their losses. Maybe they figured all we cared about was vampires and would watch whatever they decided to throw at us.
Also, has the WB ever done made-for-network movies before? Would Angel be the first, providing they are even telling the truth about that?
TV on DVD - we need to start sending postcards to Mike Dunn the president of FOX Home Video division to get Angel on the radar as a prime canidate to go to the TV on DVD market ... I found the following addresses;

Website address:

E-mail Address:

Paper Mail Address:
P.O. BOX 900
BEVERLY HILLS, CA 90213-0900
I just thought I was popping over really quick and that post hit me like a ton of bricks.

Stakeholder, I'm right there with you.
So much for good thoughts before going to sleep.

I'm just... in shock. Complete denial. Being hopeful, maybe another network will pick it up. Or maybe we'll get a Buffyverse movie that finishes a lot of things. Whatever it is, it can't end here... it just can't.
Thanks, RavenU. Will do. For a while now I've been reading your posts and hoping that your assessments, although always well argued, were overly pessimistic. Alas, you were so right.
Arrghh..I'm still experiencing "Buffy" withdrawals! I can't imagine not having "Angel" on either!
I know phlebotinin - I was secretly hoping I was wrong as well - usually when I take aside the opposite happens but I had this gut feeling after last season and everything that happened this season that Angel would not get a 6th season without a huge fight - that's why I started looking to other markets like the TV on DVD. I don't think another network at least not broadcast will pick it up - it's to exspensive to produce and broadcast networks are looking for the fast and cheap shows not shows that merit critical aclaim or viewer loyality. I mean it sweeps and what does the WB do to Angel it pushes the schedule so it plays filler type episodes during a critical ratings period - I knew the bells were tolling then. As for cable - if it goes there the seasons will be cut in half at least - 12 episodes instead of 22 but at least they can get away with a bit more and then sell it to broadcast syn later - I still think TV on DVD is our best bet for saving the show.
What about the shows that play on Sunday or Saturday afternoons and evenings. Maybe I'm way off here, but Xena and Hercules were both that kind of show, and they've both done really well and had tremendous success. Mutant X is the same kind of thing, and it's apparenly doing well. Is it possible for Angel to get a deal and air like these shows, provided the rights were okayed?

I have no idea what kind of show that would be considered. Is that syndicated or is there another term? So sorry if that was all a jumble and made no sense. Besides... it's late and I should be sleeping.
Grey - Xena and Herc were first run syn shows - Angel falls in the category of second run syn shows. However, the market for first run syn shows has fallen off sharply within the last couple of years and I doubt Angel would stand a chance - Andromeda which was first run syn just signed a deal to finish it's 5th year on the Sci-Fi channel cause the affillate syn market is no longer there to support it. It's all about the bottom line and never about the quality anymore.
wtf...?! that was rather sudden wasn't it...?! there's nothing on fox, upn, or wb that i am dedicated to watching so they can kiss my viewing ass goodbye. damn.
Seems strange that there has been no mention of a possible move to a new network, as BtVS did after five seasons. If UPN were willing to pay Fox I assume Fox would want to carry on making the show. They're the ones making money from the DVD and syndication sales.

Remember when Buffy ended on the WB they pretended it was ending completly, even their promos gave that impression. Hence the wording of the WB release giving the very clear impression that it's "The end" should not be taken as cast in stone.
So as we seem to have their decision coming suddenly, as opposed to the drawn out bidding war of BtVS, it's no suprise no one has had time to consider a move but I'd be suprised if phone calls weren't flying around soon enough. A move would be the most likely way for the show to continue.

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OK, me being a jargon layman again. Especially since I've only been living in the US for 2 years. (Different systems here than in europe) RavenU, what does 'first syn' and 'second syn' mean? When a show is in 'syndication' it basically means it's in reruns right?

Also, I've heard on the commercials for the 'Xena' DVD boxes that it was 'one of the highest rated tv shows ever'. And I have to doubt that. Highest ever, that's 'MASH', 'Cheers', 'ER', 'Seinfeld' and 'Friends', 'Law and Order' and the like. If 'Xena' had those numbers, I'd say she'd still be on the air. I thought the Herc/Xena shows were like the Buffy/Angel ones: popular, and definitely household names, but also still cult in the sense that it didn't get the really high ratings. I could be wrong, but....

And 'Andromeda' is still on? Had no idea. And everyone is going on about UPN being a contender to take AtS over. Sorry, that's never going to happen. They were trying something out with Buffy and since they cancelled that they went a totally different direction as a channel. (Sometimes I get the impression that badly written 'black' sitcoms is all they have anymore!)

I was wondering about the Sci Fi channel myself but they probably couldn't afford Angel. Most of their stuff is rerunning of old shows (funny to see Buck Rogers again after all these years. Erin Gray in her spandex uniform. Yum. Good nostalgia...AHEM anyway...)
I know 'Stargate' is one of their few originals and it's doing well, and Joss offered them 'Firefly' which they felt was 'too science fictiony' apparently. (Huh?) But they also have shows like 'Highlander' rerunning, which is more fantasy.....I don't know. Is it possible they'd pick up Angel? Probably not.
Ed - syndication just means the show is sold not via a network system but sold directly to affilate stations to air as they see fit.

First Run syn - is basically that - the show is in it's first airing on television. FRSs are sold directly to affilate stations and have no connection to any network broadcast or cable and the only control comes from the studio producing the show. They are harder shows to track ratings wise do to the fact that they do not have the same air day and time as network based shows do. Second Run syn - is the reruns - the shows that have aired on a network previously and there for are not as profitable as there FRS counterparts.

As for Xena and Herc being highest rated - they were in FRS - Xena especially would constantly win whatever timeslot it was placed in but since it was never shown on the same night or time across the country there was no real way to track it and the Nielsens didn't really release the numbers locally - on a daily basis - they release only the national numbers that way. That's why you only see syns reported weekly and the numbers are misleading since they are going by national rankings which makes the numbers seem lower than what they would actually end up being in the monthly report since it may not have been shown in all of the top markets for that week. Confusing much??? :) That's why the Nielsens suck as a rating system.

Also BTVS was not cancelled by UPN - they wanted another season it was the PTB at ME that pulled the plug on BTVS.

As for Sci-Fi don't know if Angel would fit but it wouldn't be the first time - Sliders came from FOX - Stargate came from Showtime - Andromeda came from FRS - so it could happen but I'm not holding out any hope of that since they drop the ball with Farscape and Firefly.

[ edited by RavenU on 2004-02-14 10:25 ]
I was upset, but not this much when the announcement that Buffy was coming to an end last year, maybe it was because it had lived a long healthy life, maybe it was because there would still be another Buffy-verse show on the air, now their won't be.
I'd imagine Joss has already started writing at least one spin-off pilot.
I'd imagine he's already started begging Eliza Dushku to leave "Tru".
I'd imagine he's already started telling James Marsters how great an actor he is, kissing ass before he asks him to be in a spinoff (would'nt take much work, from what I've heard James Marsters loves being Spike, if Joss is interested, (I've got 7 episodes of a Spike spinoff written that Joss can buy!)).
I'd imagine he's called SMG to ask her to put in an appearence in the last episode, if she doesn't I will firmly stand by the belief that she couldn't get away from Buffy fast enough, and that she's ashamed of it in someway, that she's a bitch.
I'd imagine he's gone and taken a dump on the front doorstep of the guy in charge of programming at the WB, no wait, I'd imagine he hasnt done that, I just hope he has.
I think another thing that hurt Angel is the fact in a lot of key markets - it has been bumped from it's regular schedule so the local affiliate could show sporting events such as basketball - this definitely did Angel no favors by moving it's normal timeslot.
I am not as shocked as I might have been. After reading that this was the last year in David Boreanaz's contract and that he was interested in other projects, I had a suspicion that this would be the last year of Angel.

I will be happy if Angel returns on another network or in "special movie events"; however, if this is the end of the series, I am glad to have had 5 seasons of great storytelling.

I don't know how much of the season has be shot thus far, but hopefully the writers have time to script farewells befitting our favorite characters.
Words cannot describe how depressing this news is especially on such a beautiful (weather-wise) day here in the Northeast. I have to agree with a lot other fans...I don't think the WB will change their mind and it's important to find another outlet to continue the Angel story. What I haven't seen is anyone mention a feature film...hey if Firefly can get one. I seriously believe that the Buffyverse characters (which includes Angel and cast) are ready for the big time. Also, what are the chances that SMG will change her mind and guest star on a final episode? We need some kind of closure regarding her love triangle with Spike and Angel.
Definitely need closure on the triangle. I agree.
SMG is in Japan busily shooting a movie. I seriously doubt she has the time or energy to jet back quickly to L.A. to film something for Angel. I'm assuming that she'd have to do it soonish. I suppose if she really wanted to help out she'd find a way, but I suspect it's not a priority for her.

Damn. I'd love her to come back. Although I wouldn't want the Buffy character to hijack the wrapping up of Angel, either. The show must pay proper respect to its own history, complexities, and characters. Buffy is merely a part of the much larger Angelverse.

In a weird way, I'd love to see a Charisma Carpenter do something. Although that'd be tricky without undermining her glorious exit in You're Welcome. If anyone can think of a way to show her face without detracting from the story, Joss can.
All though ironically when you think about David's re-action to her not coming on the you kinda get the feeling they knew this was going to happen in back when they film the 100th episode - they were just waiting for the other shoe to drop offically but on his MSN chat he seemed more hopefull about it getting a 6th season than weeks before.
I wonder if the emphasis on David's all-around greatness in the WB announcment was related to his contract negotiations not working out? Maybe what he was asking for they didn't want to give. But they want to keep him in their stable, so they make especially nice with him. A diplomatic maneuver for commercial reasons.

Or maybe not. Maybe they're just acknowledging DB as great. Which is nice, if it weren't coming in the middle of a cancellation announcment.
Thanks RavenU. It clears up a lot. It's a complicated TV land here in a country as big as the US. So UPN would've wanted a S8 of Buffy? Are you sure? I didn't know that, interesting.

Doubt they'll take Angel though. They're such a different channel now. And yeah Sci Fi certainly is unpredictable. I'd have thought Firefly would've been perfect for them. I saw Joss at the Comicon last year and he said when someone asked if he'd tried to pitch it to Sci Fi "Yeah I did. They said it was too science fictiony for them" Then he pulled a flabbergasted face like 'don't ask me' and scratched his head. It was funny...and sad.

Anyway, I doubt SMG will come since she's clearly shown in her behavior that she couldn't distance herself from Buffy fast enough. I suppose I would want at least some closure on the triangle but I also do agree I don't want Buffy to take over Angel's swan song.

Maybe they could have Giles or Willow do a cameo at least? Argh! I can't believe how much this sucks! When does the hurting stop?
This is just a really bad day for me. Not did I find out "Angel's" cancelled, but my Grandpa died too. At least he was old, and it wasn't unexpected. "Angel" still had at least one more year left. D--n!
Deepest condolences, IG.
Invisible Green - Sorry to hear about your grandfather. Condolences to you and your family.

[ edited by blwessels on 2004-02-15 04:40 ]
I'm really sorry for your loss, Invisible Green. *Bear Hugs Invisible Green*
I wasn't planning to log in but I also wanted to say condolences. Sorry for your (double) loss IG.
omg! i'm dying...
Argh. My girlfriend told me about this yesterday, having heard it from a friend of ours…he’d read about it on Aintitcool so I hoped it was misinfo.


You never hear about wretched shows like Charmed or anything having to fight for renewal — what the hell kind of lock do they have on success?

I think another thing that hurt Angel is the fact in a lot of key markets - it has been bumped from it's regular schedule so the local affiliate could show sporting events such as basketball - this definitely did Angel no favors by moving it's normal timeslot. —RavenU

That’s the case here in Memphis. We have no real WB affiliate, and for the first four years of its run, Angel was on at midnight on the local ABC station. This year it was moved to the UPN station (both it and the ABC are owned by ClearChannel) at 11:00 PM for a while, but once basketball season started it was shown Saturdays at 8:00. Still not complex enough, once or twice it was even bumped to midght or 1 AM on saturday. And of course local affiliates love to break in for weather, etc, at the drop of a hat. At least after this season I won’t have to sit through the bad local news updates and all that (last night they were doing a story on dangerous bacteria in refilled water bottles).

And I do think this season was really good. They were hitting a stride, and each episode felt more complete, yet they still have the “arc” of the Wolfram & Hart storyline.
We've been lucky with our local WB affiliate. I think they're right at four years old themselves. They're so new, they don't even have their own news show... which I have to say, I appreciate. Without a news show, there's no interruptions from them. The most we get is a scrolling weather report at the bottom of the screen. Also, they've never aired sports. Not even on a Saturday afternoon. So I've been quite lucky in not having my programming pre-empted.

When I write them a letter expressing my appreciation for airing Angel in our area, I'm going to make sure I add just how grateful I am for these non-interruptions.
I must say It sucks that they are cancelling Angel, WB stinks.

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