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August 03 2012

Jesse Williams talks about "Question Bridge: Black Males" and other projects. The website for Question Bridge can be found here.

This is certainly encouraging (very 'post Obama' in the best sense). I only hope it is really true that things are changing in Hollywood.
I didn't know he was so insightful. This article shed some new light on Jesse Williams for me. I really appreciate his point of view and what he is trying to do. I'm one of those African-Americans he is talking about, and I would love to see more people like me represented in Hollywood. Times are changing, and for every drug dealer or pimp there's a college educated professional out there as well.
Regardless of race, it helps if you're as gorgeous as Jesse Williams.
That's a great interview and the project sounds pretty promising as these things go. I'd also like to see that Western.
I want to see this 'They Die By Dawn'. I don't even have to know what it's about! That cast; my goodness.

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