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August 03 2012

Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen make new music. Our favorite couple have shared their new stuff through a new website. ETA: If you are having trouble accessing the site, then have a look at Mo's Tumblr for more info or buy the EP on iTunes USA or Google Play.

Very excited to hear this! How many hours is it until quittin' time?

"Too many" is always the answer.
I want to buy, but can't since iTunes is blocked in my country. What to do?
I thought Alexis and Alyson were our favorite couple! :P
Well, we can divide on that :)

But someone tell me how I can get these songs outside the US. I tweeted Mo but no response yet.
It will be available on other music platforms soonish.

My fave tracks are "In Your Dreams" and "Mr. Electric". And "Dangerous". And "Remains", obviously. The whole thing, really.
Just bought it. Can't listen now cos I'm watching Louie, but I'm really looking forward to listening! Loved the two songs posted on the site.
Wow, I'm just listening to the first song on their website (Bombs Away) and it is awesome. I really do love their music. Luckily I am in the US and I can (probably) buy from iTunes....
I hope the other sites they post the album lets us buy. I know amazon won't...
In Your Dreams has a decidedly awesome "Carpenters" vibe.
I'm dying to buy it! The two songs on their website are amazing!
Great! I love their music.
I added some links in case people are having trouble accessing the main site.
From the liner notes: "felicia day sings background vocals on second nature and mr. electric." Damn, girl gets around, doesn't she?
Wish I could hear this but apparently I can't here in Scotland! Why not YouTube or Spotify?
Mr. Electric is clearly a tribute to Mr. Blue Sky. Will have to go find me an iTunes gift card to buy these. I do dearly love Jed's music, but I'm not yet sold on these. Remains doesn't seem to fit with the rest of these tracks though.
It says on Maurissa's blog that it will be available on international iTunes very soon.

My favorite is Mr. Electric so far.
Don't know about the UK or whatever, but I'm in Sweden and I had no trouble buying it.
Yeah, it's available in Belgium too, far as I can tell.
iTunes uploads starts as US, then spreads to other regions. So it's likely popping up in other areas now.
Scratch my reservations, it's fantastic. Dreamy. And with Jed's signature production style, which I happen to adore.
The greyed out icons suggest it'll be coming to Amazon, Zune, and Rhapsody. (And I guess not, alas, Bandcamp or CDBaby.)
Last year this girl was sick and now This Girl is sick!

And being in the background somehow foregrounds Jed's musicianship. Paradoxical.

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Gotta order this as soon as I get paid.
I refuse to buy any digital music that is not in lossless quality, so unless this comes to Bandcamp or gets a proper physical release, this album won't be making its way to my music library.

I hope Jed and Maurissa add this album to Bandcamp, because "Remains" is one my favorite songs.
Can't buy it yet, but from the 2 songs on the site it sounds great! Has a very season 1-3 Bronze feel to it, if you know what I mean.
^Yes! This Girl is nothing like Cibo Matto, and yet that's where my brain went.
I won't be able to buy it from all the sites they are listing. International iTunes doesn't work for my country, Amazon-Google-Rhapsody and zune won't work as well. I don't know what to do. I don't want to turn to piracy (and I doubt the album is available to pirate) and I am so jelous of you guys for getting to listen to it.

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Under rug swept, it is gradually being rolled out on international iTunes. (Jed and Mo have no control over this process, it's an Apple thing I believe).
^We don't have a Turkish iTunes mp3 store, we only have apps and books. So I won't be able to buy it anyway... Other iTunes stores detects my IP address and forbids me to buy. Amazon is the same. And websites for Zune- Google and Rhapsody all say I can't get service from here.

It's really a bummer. I am obsessed with "Bombs Away", been listening to it endlessly.
@under rug swept

All of these problems would be solved if they simply added the album to Bandcamp.
Yes! NoiseTrade would do too. I'm sure we'd all donate the proper amount to get the album. I'd love for a physical release too, along with Jed's amazing album... But so far, I am stuck with listening "Bombs Away" online and not getting to enjoy the rest. And I'm sad! Being in Turkey sucks in times like these. Because international users will get to buy it, but it seems like I never will...
Oh! That sucks under rug swept, didn't realise you guys didn't have iTunes. Do you get Amazon MP3?
Bandcamp is coming, as per Mo.
I don't get Amazon either. I don't get anything to be honest :) But I am optimistic about Bandcamp. Never tried it. We'll see once the album is on.
Bandcamp is up, and includes various formats, etc.

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I am so happy this is up on Bandcamp! I've been wanting a lossless version of "Remains" for three years.
This is great news for international buyers too, because now they can finally get this album in any DRM free audio format they choose.
Finally bought it. So glad for bandcamp. I've never used it before, and now I feel like I've found a gem. The EP is amazing. I don't really like "Dangerous" but the rest... "Remains" is one of my all time favorite songs, so finally being able to pay for it is giving me happiness. "Bombs Away" is another masterpiece which I see myself listening for many years to come. "Second Nature" and "Mr. Electric" is fun. "In Your Dreams" is pretty.

Ok, the cool outro of "Dangerous" makes up for the rest of the song, I have to admit :)

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I bought this & liked it muchly - "Bombs Away" and "Mr. Electric" especially. "Remains" will always be a favorite - it's not only a great & haunting song, it evokes a whole bittersweet/Dollhousian time for me, too.

Reading Mo's tumblr, I'm also happy to see that she continues to be healthy and happy. This couldn't be better - so glad for her newly-restored energy & mobility.

Some Random Fandom Connections I Noted for This Girl:

Kate Danson, who did the EP's photography, including the rest of the shoot that's up on the This Girl site, is the Dr. Horrible Evil League of Evil member Tie-Die (confirmed on her imdb profile here.) Beautiful photos.

◙ The This Girl website was produced by artist Efehan Elbi, who some months ago created that beautiful animation of Jed Whedon and the Willing's "Ancestors" song (which WHEDONesque linked to here.) Another connection for him: it looks like he's the animator on an upcoming episode of Written by a Kid.

ETA: Ooh, ooh, I forgot one more Whedony-'verse cross-connection: the red satiny dress Maurissa wears in the EP photo shoot is her "Chinese" costume from the 2008 Dr. Horrible Halloween showing at the (late) Fairfax Theatre.

Mitholas ^Yes! This Girl is nothing like Cibo Matto, and yet that's where my brain went.

Yeah, I kinda sorta see this, Mitholas - in a sense. Mo and Jed's vocals sound as smooth, light & effortless as CM's, and there is a kind of rolling rhythm that's evocative of them, too. I think that's where the similarity ends for me...

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This Girl is now one of the top sellers as of late. It is currently ranked at #5 on the Bandcamp home page.
I've always wondered how many copies Jed's last album sold. Lovely little thing, but there was virtually no 'promo' or anything for it anywhere, so I have no idea how people would find it.
I bet the Dr. Horrible soundtrack and Commentary! The Musical would do very well on Bandcamp too, should they choose to add it there.

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