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August 03 2012

Joss Whedon gets the "Hottest Director" award from Total Film. The Avengers also won as Hottest Film, Hottest Actor (Tom Hiddleston), Hottest Newcomer (Cobie Smulders) and Hottest Scene.

Well, definitely agree with the Hiddles love, and so glad to see Joss getting this kind of recognition. Finally.
Hell yeah!!! Go Joss!!! Go Tom Hiddleston! Go Avengers!!! :D
I'm loving all of the Hiddleston/Whedon love :) gotta soak this in now until I wait until 2016 for Avengers 2 ;)
Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to see some mainstream love, but the does Kristen Stewart being named the "Hottest Actress" kind of kill it for anyone else?
So well deserved!
Sigfodr I don't think they meant hot as in "undeniably attractive," I think they meant it as "the current popular commodity."

At least, that's what I tell myself.
Did Paris Hilton name these awards?
The "Hottest Director"? Must admit, that's quite a reward. Congrats, Joss, you certain have these awards coming. Hope you're smiling ear to ear!
Sigfodr: Yes. I cannot fathom why she's so popular and so well-paid. She's not a very good actress, and not particularly attractive. That award kind of sullies all the other great choices made.
Sigfodr and Nebula1400:
Not to go off topic but I disagree, watch Adventureland and Welcome to the Riley's if you want to see what she can really do. Don't judge her by her performance in Twilight, in fact as a rule of thumb; don't judge anyone's worth on any work they did for that franchise.
Also, well done, Whedon, well deserved (albeit a little late).
Shadowquest: ...I don't think they meant hot as in "undeniably attractive," I think they meant it as "the current popular commodity."
Are you implying that they didn't refer to Joss as the "undeniably attractive"-est director?
For shame!

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