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August 04 2012

Gina Torres on Firefly's 10th anniversary. She talks about not being able to be at the Comic-Con panel and how much her fellow cast members mean to her.

I never miss an episode of Suits. Gina is amazing in this show. Love her!
"Wash's love-interest." Huh. Thought they were married.

And...12-year anniversary? I'm down with that.
Aaron Korsh is the creator and showrunner for Suits (and fellow Firefly fan) and stays in touch with us fans via twitter just about every day.

I asked him if he was the villain responsible for Gina not being able to make it and he said no, that he had no idea there was a panel, and that is was probably her shooting schedule that interfered. True dat.
"Suits" is actually pretty awesome, and while I was pleased to know she would be in it, I also thought she would just sort of be the same role as your average DA on the original "Law & Order", someone people showed up to update and then disappeared. Glad to see that Jessica has a lot of the intrigue built up around her. She plays very well off the entire cast, and I think the scenes she has with Patrick J. Adams are my favorite, especially when he says stupid things.
KingofCretins - I am with you - I watched to see Gina Torres and to support her new endeavour, but I have totally fallen head over heels in love with "Suits". How could I not with lines like, "you wanna get LIT up?" *LOL*
Jessica kicks all kindsa ass, and in the best wardrobe on television. She is a gentrified Zoe, losing none of her grit, and adding plenty of 'slink'.

I love Suits. If you haven't already, ya'll should follow Aaron Korsh.

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