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August 06 2012

(SPOILER) Alexis Denisof, Hannah Simone and Bryan Singer interviewed about H+. In case you need your Alexis Denisof fix.

The new webseries begins Wednesday, Aug. 8th. Video contains some minimal story and character spoilers. Go here to the H+ You Tube Channel to watch the trailer and the episodes as they go up.


Sounds interesting and yes I needed a Denisof fix. Thanks.
Wow, this looks really good (high film quality) for a web series. I'll definitely subscribe.
I'm so glad this is finally coming out! It was quite mean of them to tell us this existed back at last years comic-con. I definitely need my Alexis fix, and I feel like this is a good year for him (with Avengers, H+, Little Women Big Cars, and Much Ado)!
This looks like it could be really cool ... I will def be watching Wednesday!
Is that an Irish accent Alexis is using in the series?
It is, electricspacegirl. He plays an Irish writer.
I actually wanted to ask, if anyone knows Irish accents well, is his good? I am never really good at telling a great accent. It seems good to me.
Let's just say it's better than David Boreanaz's in early Buffy/Angel... But anyway, super excited for this!
I think Boreanaz's Irish accent was bad throughout his run in the Buffyverse. ;)

I do admit Alexis' accent is jarring at first. I'll get used to it.

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Another interview with Bryan Singer and crew here:
That looks really awesome. Can't wait for the premiere!
I haven't watched it yet. 59 seconds for the series premiere? wat? I hope they aren't all that short.

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