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"It's curtains for you, Dr. Horrible. Lacy, gently wafting curtains."
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August 07 2012

Dan Windman, TV Show Lawyer sues cancelled shows. Even a TV show suing lawyer realizes that bringing back Firefly is a tall order.

This made me laugh, and also cry a little inside because it is so true. No one can bring Firefly back to television.

...nobody can bring that back :(
I laughed. I cried. :)
No one. Alas.

Aw, Community, baby, you are so, so doomed.
This guy is a wackadoodle, but when he got to Firefly he did touch my heart. Regarding Community, I felt that the show was already effectively cancelled when Dan Harmon was fired.... but we'll see.
I thought it was serious when I read the post, until I saw the video. Crazier people are out there after all.
Funny but sad.
"Special thanks to Joss Whedon."

Very funny. Clearly he feels our Firefly pain.
Just going with the line "No. Nobody can get Firefly back on the air" it could have come across as a dig at us fans, but the sadness on his face let us know he's one of us.

I'm with him on Community, too. First they order a half-season, then can the creator? Won't be long now...
I felt that the show was already effectively cancelled when Dan Harmon was fired.

Agreed, whatever comes next is basically just fan-fiction.
It's like taking Joss Whedon out of (insert favorite Joss Whedon show here).

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