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August 07 2012

Joss Whedon will return to write and direct The Avengers sequel and develop a Marvel-themed TV show for ABC. Variety just reported it as well - I also updated the title to reflect the ABC show details.

Everything is awesome today.
arghaio[rekw;ghjksa;dgnksj;dn vkx;ndosxnb;fdvnsd;oNHjsh!!!!!
Cool. Not gonna lie, I'm way more interested in Joss' smaller stuff, but The Avengers was fun.
And some sort of TV series, apparently. Which is also amazing, if true.
I'm excited! Joss wouldn't do it if he didn't have an amazing story to tell. And I'm also very interested in the television show. :o
Yay! Apart from anything else, this time the contract HAS to be good, right? So lots more funding for side projects. ;)
Said TV show purportedly is the one already announced as being planned and set in the Marvel movieverse. Makes sense that if Joss is going to do A2, he'd have a hand developing the series too, now.
I thought the part about the show would be bigger news. I wonder if that was incentive for him to come back for the sequel.
I'm not going to lie, I teared up when I read this. I was THAT excited.
Ok calmed down some now, but yeah THIS IS AWESOME! This just give me more confidence that the Marvel Universe is going in the right direction because Joss is steering the ship!
Well, cool. Presumably that means heart-stopping quantities of cash for Joss, which also presumably means it gets that much easier for him to fund more off-beat stuff like Much Ado and Dr. Horrible. I wonder if they might also have given him a freeby greenlight on any of his other film projects?

Still, you have to worry a little if this doesn't make the dream of yet another Joss TV series to fall in love with and live with over the long haul a more remote possibility.
Oh God, I'm screaming... I'm so excited!!!! EVERYTHING IS RIGHT IN THE WORLD!!!
YES. Oh, this is such wonderful news.
Not gonna lie; I'm sort of ambivalent about this news. Avengers was phenomenal, but I was looking forward to seeing more original stuff instead, possibly even another TV foray. I'm sure I'll be happier about it later...
IT'S HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great news. Can't wait to see what he comes up with for both projects.
Haha "Joss Whedon" and "Avengers 2" are now both trending on twitter in the US
Making summer blockbusters is what's going to fund more original work.
I was half asleep when I saw this. Wide awake now! So exciting!! I almost screamed on the bus! I'm not sure my fellow riders would have liked that.

And it's true: blockbusters will fund small projects. But more importantly, I think it's clear by now that it doesn't matter that he's busy doing Avengers 2 and the TV show - he was in the middle of the first Avengers and had time to make his itty bitty Shakespeare movie. Basically, The Whedon will do what The Whedon will do. I don't think we have to worry that he'll leave the other non-blockbustery work behind. He's going to make everything his own.

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Yeah, as Yoink mentions, I imagine Avengers 2 will give Joss more money to keep making small independent creations.

Also I really wanted to see at least one more Avengers movie from Joss, especially if they end up using Thanos. The set up for the first Avengers was great but I really wanted to see what Joss did next with these group of characters.

However, I'm so looking forward to Wastelanders and hope this doesn't get in the way of that being filmed.
Awesome news!!!

I'm glad Joss will be back for the Avengers sequel.Marvel may be bringing new directors onto their phase 2 sequels(Iron Man 3,Thor:The Dark World and Captain America:The Winter Soldier)but I think it's was very smart to bring Joss back for The Avengers sequel.

As well has having him involved in the new Avengers themed T.V. seires that was announced last week.

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I'd been wondering whether the Dr. Horrible twitter account being active again was a sign that they were gearing things up for Dr. Horrible 2. Joss will probably want to get all his "indie" stuff in before he goes back.
What would make me way more excited than Avengers 2 by Joss is that if this TV series turned out to be a Daredevil show now that it's possibly returning to Disney/Marvel property.
Daredevil show by Joss, that would be... just wow.
Except that Marvel reportedly is going to let 20th keep Daredevil in return for getting Silver Surfer and Galactus.
That will teach me to play Mass Effect 3. Good news all round!
I guess Joss is definitely our master now
Pretty_Hate_Machine, the latest rumor is that FOX is getting an extension on Daredevil and in exchange Marvel would be getting Galactus and Silver Surfer. Which as a rumor makes sense since Marvel wants to explore more of the cosmic stories.

I'm really curious what Joss involvement of the tv series will be, as it will be hard to be too involved while directing Avengers 2.
So, other than this, no news today?
I'm happy, I really love The Avengers. I'm so glad he's doing the second one as well.
I'm wondering whether Tim Minear will get a call soon.
Hopefully the start date for the Avengers 2 will be far enough away that he'll have time to do Dr Horrible 2 first. Otherwise it will be another 4 years before we get to see it if at all.
There is conflicting reports on the Daredevil/Galactus & Silver Surfer news.

Deadline reported that FOX won't give up the rights to any aspect of The Fantastic Four and wants Disney to co-finance the Daredevil reboot with them.If they won't then they'll let the rights to Daredevil revert back to Marvel on October 10th.
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Wait? What? We're waiting on FOX to see if they'll help out with a Joss related project? Oh that's fine can't forsee any problems there then...
Well, that's delightful. Looking forward to seeing how this develops.

ETA: Squee. Ahem. Okay, I'm done.

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I'm doing virtual backflips right now. I was already having a pretty good day and this was the cherry on top. I'm so excited!

And I REALLY hope Marvel gets the rights to Gallactus. Fox don't deserve them after that cloud bullshit.
Re: start date, I'm seeing a lot of estimates saying not until 2014. Plenty of time to get DH2 and Wastelanders done.
The Avengers 2: Thanos Boogaloo has a nice ring to it. I'm intrigued by the tv show. It's a shining example of corporate synergy and has the potential to be lots of fun.
Whedon on Avengers, good. Whedon on TV, good. This, goodx2.
I agree, Simon. Bringing these projects under one vision is a very good move.

On another note, is it time to start a wish list for Whedon actors to be cast in cameos and other roles?
Re: TV show, across outlets it's gone from an initial "involved in the development of" to "developing" to "creating". I wonder which one it will turn out to be.
Oh. Dark Avengers. Oh. There's a thought.
Whoooooooo! So happy he gets to return, though I would like to see an original TV show by him again eventually. Or tv series-esque web series.
I approve. More power to you, Joss.
I would imagine The Avengers 2 will be in 2015 so Joss has time.

Joss was announced as writer/director of Avengers in 2010 for a 2012 release.

He's being announced for Avengers 2 in 2012 for probably a 2015 release.

Filming probably wouldn't begin until late 2013 or 2014.

Don't forget that we're bulding back up for another Avengers movie like the first one.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2.

1)Iron Man 3 on May 3, 2013
2)Thor:The Dark World on November 8, 2013
3)Captain America:The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014
4)Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014
5)Ant-Man possibly in 2014 or 2015
6)The Avengers 2 probably 2015.
Go Joss! Man, this is all kinds of awesome.
YAY!!!YAY!!!YAY!!! YES!!!!

A decent week just became a phenomenal week. Joss. Avengers. More Joss. More Avengers. Holy cow, life is good. :)
Don't get me wrong, I love this news, I loved the Avengers AND I prefer his own original creations (new and old). I hope he will still have time and/or energy for those.
OMG a movie and TV show! It's better than Christmas and my birthday all wrapped up into one.

I would love it if he was writing and directing the TV show. That sounds like it could be more amazing than another Avengers movie. It's only so much you can do, character wise, in a movie, and it takes so long to make.

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Buffyfantic, a number of places are reporting that Disney also announced that Avengers would come out in summer of 2015. So Joss does have a little bit more time, hopefully enough to get Wastelanders and Dr. Horrible 2 finished up.
Ultimately I want original Whedon content but the thought of Joss doing a series on a Big Three network? Wow. Just wow.
So Happy For Joss!
Best. News. Ever.
I know some fans will be disappointed that this means he won't be working on his own stuff, but the more mainstream hits Joss makes, the more power he will have in the industry to do so. It also means more good, positive stories will go out into the world. It's really a win/win.

Joss was able to make Avengers and Much Ado About Nothing. We could still get other Whedon content in the meantime. I do hope this means he won't have time to do Dr. Horrible 2 like he's been talking about doing soon.
Heh...I just ran across this news and thought, "I wonder if it's hit Whedonesque yet?" Sure enough, 49 comments & climbing. :)

I'm not too surprised by the news--I'm sure Marvel/Disney kept waving bigger & bigger stacks of money under Joss' nose until he caved. When you make over a billion dollars in a month with one movie, you want the guy behind it to come back & do it again.
I'm sure he'll have time, caring hands. The movie isn't out until 2015, won't start production until 2014, and he probably won't need to finalize a script until 2013. So that gives him some time.
Not gonna lie, I was NOT expecting this. Didn't Joss say something to the effect of "It was fun, but never again?!"

Not that I'm disappointed, hell no. I left Avengers wondering who they could possibly get to top THAT, and now I have my answer. And a TV series to boot! 2013 is shaping up to be a pretty spectacular geek year... way to go, Joss!
b!X said:

Making summer blockbusters is what's going to fund more original work.

My point, but more succinctly.
Cue TV show cancellation jokes in 3...2...
Matt_Fabb,yes,summer 2015 is what I've heard for a Avengers sequel too even if it's not offically confirmed yet.

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In a best case scenario Dr. Horrible and Wastelanders will get filmed next year. People always hated the idea of Joss doing film exclusively because of the long waits between projects but I think getting small projects in between big giant movies is a nice trade-off for getting delayed by baseball and canceled early. And if he really is involved in a key role in the Marvel tv show, thats not just icing on the cake but a big thick yummy layer of whip cream. I don't think theres been this many potential Whedon projects in the pipeline since 1998 ;). Its a good time to be a Whedon fan!
viewingfigures, it's 20th Century Fox Movie Studios that has the rights to Daredevil. A completely separate company from Fox Broadcasting but don't let the facts get in the way. :)
I was not expecting this news either. I really thought Joss wanted to focus on his own stories next. That Joss, always unpredictable. (Except when he kills off a character you loved when you should have seen it coming, yet you still were shocked and damn you, Joss, how do you do that?)

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Just like that my day is so much better! Fantastic!
Huge success! Hope that Joss got a really good contract on this after how much money he made Marvel on the first movie. Also, Joss back on TV? Yes please, even if it isn't in a universe of his own creation.

That said, I hope he still finds time for his own projects with all this work that Marvel is giving him.
All Foxes look shifty to me IrrationaliTV. Tom Rothman at 20thCF is rumored to be a huge meddler in films(Cough..Xmen3..Cough). The only Fox entity I ever had any appreciation for was the studio that produced Joss' projects.

Edited cause his name is Tom, not Tim.

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Great news, and the contract has to come with perks, right? Most lucrative movie of the year and all.

The tv part is even more interesting, cause it means Joss gets to retreat with Jeph Loeb, who if I'm not mistaken still running tv projects for marvel.

[ edited by Numfar PTB on 2012-08-07 23:46 ]
Wow. But as much as I enjoyed The Avengers (Sooo much fun...!), I was a bit disappointed there for a second. I just hope he's not gonna get stuck doing Marvel stuff. Although, he is the man for the job right now and it's cool to have him do something on TV again. Maybe I'm just a bit greedy. We've been spoiled lately.
So yeah, I'm with everyone hoping for more original projects in the future. But I'll happily catch anything else along the way.
This makes me incredible happy. So proud of Joss. If someone deserves it, it's clearly him. Yay for him!
Yay!!! Such a good day!!!! This is the best news ever :D
A year ago (or so) I heard there was interest in bringing Hulk back to TV. After seeing the Avengers, I bet a buddy of mine $1.00 that when/if Hulk comes back to TV, it would be a show developed by Joss Whedon.
eddy, it seems Joss & Warren Ellis have at least worked out the full outline of Wastelanders and are now working on fleshing out the script. So it's possible that Wastelanders will be filmed, even possibly aired or put online this year.
This literally made my day.
Ahhh, this is SUCH good news! Marvel is making all the right moves now. I hope this means we'll see some ex-Mutant Enemy staff involved in the tv series. Wow wow wow!!!!
Except isn't Guillermo Del Toro doing the Hulk TV show? Doubt Joss would step on his toes.
Bigger role for Alexis Denisof! *fingers crossed*
A year ago (or so) I heard there was interest in bringing Hulk back to TV. After seeing the Avengers, I bet a buddy of mine $1.00 that when/if Hulk comes back to TV, it would be a show developed by Joss Whedon.

A Whedon-Hulk would be the best of all possible Hulks, no doubt about it. But I have to admit that I'd rather see him doing an entirely original series. I've never understood why someone at HBO or one of the other cable channels doesn't just go to Joss and say "here, we'll throw a reasonably large quantity of money at you and let you do whatever the heck it is you want to do." It's always seemed like an obvious match made in heaven. I guess the entertainment world just doesn't work that way, though.
This had to happen. As a long time Marvel and Joss fan, it doesn't get much better. Also: kind of excited for this tv show now. I definitely wasn't very, prior to this news.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just came back watching Batman and was in such a weird mindstate and didn't expect to read any such news the moment I went online!!aaahh! I am so excited! Although it would be nice to have Joss focus on all-original stuff in the next few years, I think we will get a nice mixture of both original stuff and more Avengers awesomeness, so I am HAPPY!!!
dharmakirti, Guillermo del Toro is producing the Hulk tv series. The latest news as of yesterday, was that they were waiting for a big name writer to work on the project. Sounds like someone they want to be working on the project long term which I imagine would be too much of a time commitment if Joss is doing Avengers 2. So I'm going to guess they are waiting for someone else other than Joss to start production on a Hulk tv series.
Bigger role for Alexis Denisof! *fingers crossed*

Wouldn't Alexis Denisof make a fabulous Bruce Banner? (I realize you're talking Avengers 2: Thanotic Boogaloo but the thought follows naturally enough).
My hope for the TV show is that Joss would be able to do something interesting with minor characters or something original within the Marvel Universe - if anyone's read Greg Rucka's & Ed Brubaker's Gotham Central, something like that, but, obviously, in the right context. I've seen a fan pitch for a SHIELD TV series, which is a cool idea, too. Unfortunately, as I understand the rights situation, I don't think that a return to the X-Men is possible.
Bigger role for Alexis Denisof! *fingers crossed*

Amen, Simon. All the amens, in fact.
I'm hoping the TV series will be IRON FIST or HEROES FOR HIRE. Both would be right up Joss's alley. So excited!!!

ETA: I could also see a cop or private detective show set in the Marvel Universe (in the style of Gotham Central, Powers, X-Factor, or Alias).

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dharmakirti, a Hulk TV show would be great. :) I remember loving the old one as a kid.
Also, mixing big mainstream projects with cult low budget internet content could actually be a neat way to go. Are there a lot of people out there doing that simultaneously?
They could always resurrect and rework the 'AKA Jessica Jones' series. Also I think I read that the Toro Hulk show would not take place in the Marvel Cinematic universe.
So when is there going to be a Black Widow movie? That doesn't seem to be on the itinerary yet. Marvel, don't overlook her because she's a woman.
This sounds like a lackluster "Congratulations!", and I don't mean to be a wet blanket, 'cos I enjoyed The Avengers, but as long as Joss wants to do it - then good for him.

I was also hoping he'd focus more on smaller projects that he generated. I'm just not that much of a Big Superhero Blockbuster Movie gal... but I can also understand the wish to play out more of this story - on such a big canvas - and with the actors that gave him so much. I'll be they sure as shit wanted him back.

hacksaway: I'd been wondering whether the Dr. Horrible twitter account being active again was a sign that they were gearing things up for Dr. Horrible 2.

Yeah, I think a few of us had been wondering that (although maybe that was just to publicize/work up interest for the CW viewing) - additionally, the Dr. Horrible Facebook account recently got a little yakkety, too.

It may well be that they can work in shooting before he really has to go full-out nuts on Avengers 2 - I sure hope so. I don't know how he gets as much done as he does, anyway, so anything he works in the way of productivity and time management all seems like miracles to me.

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*Doing the Dance of Joy* More Joss! More Avengers! More Joss and the Avengers and Marvel! W00T!

I'll be even happier if it's a Runaways tv show but it sounds like it's Avengers related. Young Avengers with Allan Heinberg maybe?
ABC just... they just can't have both a MCU and non-MCU show on at the same time. Keep Del Toro though. Plz.
What about a Black Widow TV show?
Squee squared!
Yoink, I've wondered the same thing. There were rumors that Game of Thrones had a budget of nearly $80 million per season. That's a crazy amount of money! Why doesn't Joss get that for an epic show?
Oh. My. Gosh. I am so excited for this news!! I just flew into Boston from CA so I have been Internet deprived and this was a great start to my vacation!
I am so late to the party cause of stupid, real life blah blah problems.

This made my day!!!!

I'm sure Joss is getting a lot of freedom for the story, and probably a boat load of money (which he already earned with Avengers). I would actually wish that Disney (or one of their subsidiaries) would sweeten the deal by distributing 'Much Ado About Nothing' before the end of this year.
The moment I saw this I did the dance of joy.
Yoink, thanks for the link regarding Guillermo del Toro and Hulk. I would totaly be down for del Toro Hulk.

I mentioned in the comments on EW's article regarding this subject that other shows I think Whedon could do well are Heroes for Hire (with J. August Richards as Luke Cage) and Runaways.
Victor needs a job. Whedon had a TV show to cast. Let's make this fucking happen. I know he was in Avengers, but they could ignore that or work that in...
I am mostly excited for the TV show angle - would love to have Joss on repeat. And I second the 'more' for Alexis but I would particularly love seeing James Marsters back - particularly delivering Joss' writing. That spells exquisite in my view!
If they need to add a second/new female character, I nominate Amy Acker to play the part. Some of her acting on Dollhouse was great (scenes with Topher), and I think she's ready for a bigger audience.

Or maybe they'll expand the role that Cobie played since there were rumors that the original filming for A-1 included more of a storyline with her character (that later got cut due to timing constraints).
Regarding Dr. Horrible - don't think for a second Avenging reduces desire to one day play again with those characters and people.
Well that didn't take long. Time for the Numfar dance of joy. I would expect that ABC/Disney will let him make more that 14 episodes of his new TV show.
Deadline Hollywood just posted a statement from Marvel Studios.

Marvel Studios has weighed in with a statement that confirms the 2015 release date that Deadline had heard about the sequel to The Avengers.“Joss Whedon has signed an exclusive deal with Marvel Studios for film and television through the end of June 2015. As part of that deal, Whedon will write and direct Marvel’s The Avengers 2 as well as help develop a new live action series for Marvel Television at ABC. He will also contribute creatively to the next phase of Marvel’s cinematic universe.”

What does that mean for Dr. Horrible 2? Wastelanders? Other random movies like Ado and Cabin happening again?
The word "exclusive" worries me. If the relationship goes south I'd hate the contract terms to prevent Joss from finding other avenues for his creative efforts.
Well, "exclusive deal with Marvel" for the next three years does mean exclusive. Not much wiggle room there for doing anything with any other studio.
Totally awesome! I LOVE YOU JOSS!
Hrrrm. That's uncomfortable, if that exclusivity is what it sounds like. I'm thrilled for the rest of this news, nervous for that piece.
Exclusive could also mean he can't work on Marvel characters with other studios, like Daredevil with Fox or Spider-Man with Sony, for example.
Tell me how I should feel about this, Whedonesquers!
I'm not gonna lie... I screamed for 5 minutes...


You can tell he's NOT done with these characters...

Avengers 2 for the biggest film ever? IT BETTER BE!
Such incredible news. I freaked when I heard.

As long as Joss can do his own stuff too I'll be happy...cause if Joss can only work on Marvel stuff until June 2015 I'll still be happy but not as much.
Guys, how can this even be considered bad news? You KNOW Joss wouldn't sign on to this if he thought he'd feel trapped. I feel like because of how successful Avengers is, he WILL have a lot of creative power.
Exclusive film/TV means absolutely nothing for film already made (Much Ado, In Your Eyes), or products not necessarily film or TV (Dr. Horrible, Wastelanders).
He will be terribly busy, though. It's not just Avengers 2 and the new television series. He'll be creatively involved in all of Marvel's projects through 2015.
"Creatively involved" is a very broad term. J.J. Abrams is "creatively involved" in a lot of things at the same time. In the end, I wildly speculate that it's likely more about making sure Phase II of the Marvel movieverse is properly pointing to whatever Avengers 2 is going to be. I doubt he's going to to be hovering over every day of shooting every Phase II film or anything. ;)

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2012-08-08 02:04 ]
I wonder if, a year from now, we get news that Joss has rewritten Thor 2, Captain America 2, and and half of Marvel's other properties.
Oh thank God! This is, however, bad news for Zombie Agent Coulson...
My personal, speculative take on the deal and its impact on other projects.
The Kitty Pryde Chronicles
Gregory from HitFix just told me on twitter that the Disney CEO said Joss would be creating the Marvel TV show. So what is the correct information?
Their original story had "create" and said that's what CEO said. But as of their 4:30 post update using the Marvel statement, they emphasize "help develop".
Well Gregory told me that *after* the correction so I don't know what's up with that.
He's saying if people have an issue, have an issue with the Disney CEO. It's his wording that the Marvel statement doesn't jibe with.
Well,Iron Man 3 is well into filming and Thor: The Dark World begins filming this month.Ant-Man is Edgar Wright's baby and the plan is for him to jump into that right after filming,The World's End. I would imagine Joss might have more of a hand in Captain America:The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy sort of like his involvment with the first Captain America movie.The Captain America sequel is rumored to be the most direct followup to Avengers with a heavy S.H.I.E.L.D. focus.And Guardians of the Galaxy is rumored to be heavy setup for Thanos.So I can see Joss having a guiding hand in those films.
Ah. Thanks for clearing that up, b!X.
Great news. Great for us, great for Marvel and Disney, and hopefully very beneficial for Joss in the long run. He's going to be a VERY busy bee for the next three years...
Yay! Break out the shwarma!
Faithfan, the Runaways show would be INCREDIBLE if done by Joss! Wow, it never even occurred to me. Imagine if he got Brian K. Vaughan working on it also!!! That would definitely be the best news out of the whole situation, for me.
I am really happy about this! Beyond words! The TV show excited me more than the movie. Glad to see a company making the right, and frankly obvious, moves. So excited for what's to come. To have Wastelanders and Dr. Horrible 2 on top of it... Wow!
I'm barely awake and then I read this?

Mind is melting as we speak.
FUNK YEAH! So that means the sequel is gonna be awesome, too. I know it's gonna be really tough, the whole process, and I know it's not as fun since it's not his own "creature", but the movie needs Joss. WE need Joss.
Doing the Dance of Joy right now.
Now that's biiig news (and, to be honest, a bit unexpected to me) -- what a way to start the day! I'm even more excited about the TV show than about Avengers 2, although I wonder whether "help develop a new live action series" means we'll actually get to read the words "Written and directed by Joss Whedon" in any episode.
One step closer to world domination. Or at least, a Joss Whedon cable network. Keeping the dream alive...
I look forward to Joss making movies as George Clooney does; the blockbusters pay for the arty/quality films.
Seriously gasped at loud when I read this. The world is finally starting to make sense
I read this this morning on the BBC Entertainment news section and and yelled for joy!
Fantastic news for Joss! Fantastic news for Joss fans! And fantastic news for the Marvel film universe!

See Hollywood...we told you years ago. About time you figured it out!

I tried to see if anyone else posted this yet, and I don't see it. The video at the end of this report of the story just has a couple quick shots of Whedon laughing with RDJ and Clark Gregg, and felt like it should be added to the thread...

To those who said they teared up when they read it... not alone!! There was also a large amount of flailing...

ETA: I'm sure Joss wouldn't agree to the deal if it meant he couldn't finish what he's already in the process of (Wastelanders, possibly DH2?). Also, there's a big benefit of, this time he has 3 years instead of 2, and he probably has already been somewhat writing Avengers 2 in the back of his mind since production wrapped...

[ edited by DreamRose311 on 2012-08-08 17:14 ]
Also, I think the real concern here is... will he ever actually take a vacation? ;o)
So much relief. Script-writing had to happen, but securing directing is even better. Those indie projects can come when they come, I'll wait for it all while sitting on my greedy hands.
Sister told me - first thing I asked was "It's not April 1st is it?" She screen capped the trendings. Squealed so hard - still can't believe our prayers have been answered. And with a show too?!

JW has been following all over these days - interviews and cons keep hearing his name mentioned, made me grin like mad when Misha Collins mentioned his name in the recent con. And this is just sooo good, I'm worried we will jinx it! *tosses salt everywhere* hypertension, what's that?

I should feel bad for Joss's beauty sleep but I'm sure he can sleep after 2015... ;p
That's really funny considering the first word that Joss was in consideration for the first Avengers film came on April 1st...
I've had a fucked up day.

Then I come home to this! It has taken awake all my pain and angst! I am so very happy now!

Which means Joss is going to kill someone I love.
Great news ! I really hope Joss will be creator and showrunner of the TV show. Even if it'll be difficult on the long term, he can still ask Tim Minear to take over :)
Now Joss, even though this is red-letter news for us, don't go gettin' hoity toity. Well, maybe a little hoity mixed with toity. And about the Marvel TV show, could the theme song be "Filk-y"? Like,

Take my Banner
Take my Thor
Mix them up and give me more.
Superheroes that I love
Bashing bad guys by the score.

kl news and think the tv show will do well with joss at the helm
hope he can carry on with dark horse comics n doing his own things too (if he has the time)
I think I'm going to cry, I'm so happy :]. Definitely a snoopy dance moment.
In the Huffington Post article about this, they gave a shout-out to us here at Whedonesque, which was cool, but mistakenly reported it as Joss's personal web site. I emailed them about it, and the author Christopher Rosen posted a correction almost instantly. I'm not usually big fan of the Huff-Po, but I was impressed at their speed, and also glad of the mention: Go Team Whedon!
Gaaaaaaa! I'm only just seeing this??! Best news ever. Seriously. Ever.

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