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August 07 2012

Jeremy Renner on 'Avengers' action and more. An interview in which Jeremy Renner talks about what he liked and what he was disappointed about in playing Hawkeye.

I agree with his assessment of Hawkeye. I would have really liked more character development and I was very interested in his history with Black Widow, from her perspective and his. I did like how he got to play a big part in saving the world and I was surprised (but happy) that when Joss framed the characters to greet Loki as he woke up, he was right in the middle. Hopefully he'll have a bigger part in the next Avengers movie.
I'd be the first in line to see a Clint-Natasha movie.
I'd be right there with you lycoming. So want to see that movie.
Am hoping Renner's exposure in the Bourne franchise will raise his street cred for more Hawkeye. It would be a shame to waste his talent.
HIs cred is pretty high already (Hurt Locker, The Town, Mission Impossible, et al). I think his main disappointment is he likes playing more expansive characters. Apparently, when he initially signed on for Hawkeye, he did so based on conversations with Zak Penn (original writer) with whom he is friends.

Frankly, I appreciate his honesty. His classiness, too.
You'd be fighting me for that spot lycoming.
Interesting his comments on Hawkeye being something of a loner, not really a team player. Joss' whole concept of the Avenger's was that none of these characters are really team players. But yes, it would be really interesting to see how the fact that Hawkeye was forced to be on the wrong side during most of the group bonding could play out in tensions in Avengers 2. I think it's true that he did get the most shortchanged as a character in Avengers, but with enough hints thrown out to make you really hungry for his backstory which we'll hopefully get to see. I'm not a big fan of thrillers, and haven't seen any of the Bourne movies, but after seeing even his little bit as Hawkeye, I'm planning to check out the Bourne Legacy. So it did get him one new fan.
You could tell he was disappointed in his role before the film was even released from his body language in interviews. Hopefully Joss beefs up his role in the sequel(if he's in it.) Alot of people want him to leave the team and replace him with someone from the bench but I think the character has alot of potential.
Renner has also stated that he was dissapointed that he had no (or very few) scenes with a lot of the actors he signed on to the movie to play opposite of.

I can understand his frustration, but I actually thought he was really right for the role. He did a great job with what little material he had, and Hawkeye had some of my favorite bits from the final set piece.

Hopefully he'll get a little more screen time in Avengers 2. Either way I'd love a Barton/Romanov movie :)
Eddy, I think he will be in it because he's contracted with Marvel for at least 2 more movies. What movies they are is another matter. Given Hawkeye's lack of screen time the first time around, I think it would be prudent for Marvel to give him more screen time in Avengers 2 and the SHIELD movie, then consider launching a Hawkeye movie based on the audience interest.
Of course you want your actors to be happy with the roles they play but the first priority of everyone involved has to be in service to the film.

The job of an actor is not self-fulfillment. His/her job is to contribute to the telling of a great story.
the bourne movies are all so lame and plot-free. renner's depth as an actor much better serve something like a hawkeye-black widow movie IF it was written by whedon or one of his writers from one of his shows.

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