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August 07 2012

Joss Whedon signs three year deal with Marvel Studios. Joss will work under the company's roof until June 2015.

On the front page already, no?

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It's not the same news as The Avengers 2.
Wow... It makes me happy for Joss. And sad for myself as I think that Firefly given time and the right build-up could eventually have been huge. Not as big as the Avengers (who have over 40 years of history that firefly doesn't) but still very big. Disney/Marvel did the right thing and just put a ton of pressure on DC/Warner to figure out what on earth their actual strategy for movies is.

Of course the player that looks the worst is Fox. They spent years cancelling series for a guy who just made 1.5 billion for Marvel/Disney.. :)
For lack of a more polite phrasing, SUCK IT, FOX!!!

I'm sure there is a more polite phrasing but I don't care to search for it.
Although I enjoyed The Avengers, I'm still not much of a comic fan. I'm certainly happy for him, but I have to admit a part of me is kind of sad he'll be tied up in comic book material for the next three years. I was frankly kind of hoping for the era of Independent Whedon, and maybe eventually a new original TV show on cable/premium. Oh well. Congrats' to Whedon nonetheless -- he deserves all the attention!
Fuck, yeah! I mean, assembled!
Hopefully he will adjust Guardians of the Galaxy to make it make sense...I mean, a raccoon???
MikeJer, I imagine he's getting quite the big paycheck for the next 3 years which will likely help fund more of his independent projects. Not to mention Wastelanders & Dr. Horrible could still happen. As b!X pointed out in the other thread, it's not like he will be hanging out on the set for all these various movies.
Joss is workin' for The Man now. It's rather like Angel signing on with Wolfram and Hart.
I refuse to express any emotion regarding this until I've seen Joss' thoughts on the matter.
Joss's thoughts: I signed this deal. I like it. Duh.
Tumnus, you know what I mean.

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I hope that means that he'll do some script work on Guardians of the Galaxy. I can't imagine a better pair of characters for Joss to write than Rocket Racoon and Groot. Makes me giddy.

I imagine that Joss will have the freedom during this time to work on his web stuff though. The press release says his contract is for film and TV.

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Matt, it's possible I read into the whole "working under the company's roof until June 2015" a little too literally on first read. The article makes it sound like he'll have an office there and it's like his new day job or something. Maybe that's not the case, which would be more encouraging for Independent Whedon (OT: I'm suddenly feeling the need to watch Seinfeld -- Independent George!).
I too imagine that he'll be able to work on new stuff. I'm taking Dr. Horrible 2 and Wastelanders as givens. Of course, he'll have less time.
For now I'm just extremely ha- [Positive Emotion].

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Clearly Captain Hammer forced Joss to sign this deal. With his fist.
Correct me if I'm wrong--OK, it's a bit early in the news cycle--but he's already been working on Wastelanders and promised Dr. Horrible 2 was happening AND Much Ado is coming out, so are we not going to get all of our Jossy Christmas presents in the coming months and years? AAAAND a new t.v. show, one he'll probably stack with beloved Whedonverse writing and directing and possibly acting talent? Oh sweet honey in the rock, this is all marvelous stuff. No pun intended. OK again, intended.
I'm not overjoyed at the idea of Joss being tied to this for the next three years, as much as I liked The Avengers.

But, I'm curious to see what could have convinced him to commit to three years of storytelling with other people's characters. I would think "contractually guaranteed full creative control" would be the starting point. Which would be a huge thing for Marvel to give to anyone.
Negative nellies. Oy!

Yay Joss! Make me a BAMF TV show. Love it!
I too yearn for the Independent Joss Era, but I also am remembering that Dr. Horrible was made using his own money and his old studio connections. He will likely have substantially more of both, at this rate. And he's not that old -- if he steers Marvel to greater and greater success, he'll have plenty of time and plenty of pull.

Nor is he exactly selling out. He's working for Marvel, which is currently the second-most imaginative studio out there, I think (Pixar still wins). If he were selling out, he'd have signed a three-year contract with Michael Bay.

Plus, the man shot an independent film while on vacation. Marvel will be his day job, and we'll get good stuff from that... but I can't wait to see him moonlighting, too.
He did work for 20th Century Fox or did we all forget that? Back in 2001, he had a 4 year deal with them.
Yeah, "Marvel will be his day job" is very well put. And, at night, he can moonlight as a creative superhero.
There's nothing like knowing your favorite creator is hard at work making Awesome.
I think it's just easily assumed that "3 year deal with Marvel" means three years of Joss doing only Marvel superhero stuff and in comparison to a deal with 20th that means "do whatever."

At the end of the day, I'll take whatever I can get! (It's not like it's terrible news or anything)
I don't think the deal with Marvel will prevent him from working on other personal projects (I would bet money that he made sure he is allowed to pursue his web creations). Three years makes sense because Avengers 2 is slated for summer 2015 release so he would need to get started on the script right away anyhow. Having some creative input over the in-between Marvel films will also help him immensely in terms of continuity and setting up Avengers 2. He was going to have to pay close attention to them anyway.

The new live-action Marvel tv series (if it actually happens) sounds like it would take more time than anything else.

Once he agreed to write/direct Avengers 2, it seems to me that the rest of it was just a natural fit.
Didn't he at one point work on three TV shows at the same time? Of course all of them were pretty much gone soon after...
Based on his previous statements, I'm 99% certain that Joss wouldn't have signed if the deal precluded him from working on his independent stuff. Hell, for all we know it includes a distribution deal--Marvel Comics has its Icon imprint for its top creator's own works, too.

Developing the TV show doesn't mean Joss'll be involved full-time either. It might simply mean figuring out how it would work week-to-week and how it would fit in the continuity. (Showrunning while Joss is busy is what Tim Minear is for, right?) (I'm kidding, Tim. Fox, bring back The Inside!)
Regarding timing of Dr. Horrible 2, have they already (secretly) started true production... not just planning & writing? Some of you (b!x and others) have connections to the cast and crew.

Soon the actors will have to begin filming their Fall TV episodes, so the window of opportunity is closing quickly. I'm hoping that they're working on it without telling us, but Joss went to England to work on Wastelanders so does that mean he's not (yet) working on DH2?
Would have preferred original work but I'm very happy for him... Guess I'll just have to wait a bit longer for the next true Joss born brainchild...
SteveP, fall TV production has already started I'm afraid. Nathan's back on Castle, Neil's about to return to HIMYM etc. That's not to say there aren't plans with Dr. Horrible.

Also, joss having a deal with a studio isn't a first. He was at 20th Century Fox for a long while - I mean, that squirted out Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse - shows which I hear have at least a few fans. If it weren't for previous deals, everybody here would be less esquey.

With regards to new work - Much Ado, In Your Eyes (another joss penned movie which has quietly shot)... Oh yeah, and maybe another TV show. On a scale of one to suck, this week isn't on it. Be excited, and like me, oddly beardy.

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To the lurkers reading out there, remember "Less Esquey" when you're picking a username when membership reopens.
It sounds to me like he's getting paid for what he was doing anyway--advising Marvel about everything in its movie universe. I'm sure he worked out a deal that will enable him to do the more independent things he's clearly itching to do.
I am not all that happy about this. I think it signals the end of the Buffyverse, really. And unlike point, I do not think it will give him all the freedom to do what he wants; this is a major player and part of Disney.

Now, the only possible redeeming factor here for me would be if he got to do Runaways in some form- on TV, for example.
Where did you get the end of the Buffyverse from that? Joss said once before that doing Buffy is like coming back home. If anything, it means he'll want it to go on for longer.

About Dr. H filming - I wonder if they could film it during the Xmas holidays...
Buffy The Vampire Slayer season 10 comics are still in the mix, Dana, so Buffy situation is unchanged from last week.
...The end of the Buffyverse...? I sort of was under the impression that Whedon's already shifted much of the workload to hands he finds capable and it's not like that's a creator-owned property in the least. I imagine Dark Horse would continue to license comics from Fox (...and the Kazuis?)

And on some other points, it's not like he's heavily involved with every facet of every production and is going to have to work craft services on Thor 2 or provide mo-cap for Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy (though there's a thought). I figured he's going to be called in to maybe do some script doctoring and advising as determined necessary which probably still gives him plenty of time for other things.

Then as for the other company matters, in Fox's defense aside from having previously given Whedon a deal, they also willingly brought him aboard for Dollhouse for part of Dushku's development deal with them.

If anything I sort of wonder what might have happened if WB/DC let him go ahead with his Wonder Woman movie. Perhaps he'd be in a position much like Christopher Nolan and their attempt at a shared universe? (Granted yeah, I'm much more into Marvel in part exactly because of Runaways.)
MikeJer - Having an office at Marvel isn't a bad thing, nor would it be uncommon. Think about it - if you were a freelancer, would you stay home the entire time? Especially if "home" wasn't right next door to the clients? Joss having an office at Marvel makes sense.
As long as it doesn't cut into his time too much, this can only be a good thing. There are too many examples of how having Whedon around, for other writers to bounce ideas off of or to cut the Gordian knot, will make the other movies better.
For the love of all that is holy...

Please let Joss do Runaways now. Amen.
I'm so relieved and happy about this... Hopefully he has half year from now on out (before the work at Marvel, officially, really starts!) where he can do Dr. Horrible 2 and The Wastelanders :)

I look so much forward to it all!
I just hope this means he is doing the Black Widow/Hawkeye backstory movie. Because I don't believe anyone else could do Black Widow justice or make the arc for both characters as awesome as the hints he gave in Avengers.

As for the rest. I trust Joss.
Is he really contracted with Disney then? Cause that's really smart of them.
It would be awesome but I don't think there's a chance in hell ABC would do a Runaways show. To bad Disney don't own The CW.
Isn't this deal technically with Disney who owns Marvel? What are the chances Disney greenlights one of Joss' dozens(hundreds?) of unused scripts?
I don't get the negativity around this. Yes, I love Joss' original works, but this isn't like the end of Joss' own creations forever. Yes it will take a lot of his time but this is only going to give Joss more pull in Hollywood. Plus, man's gotta eat. I imagine "Much Ado" isn't going to pay the bills.
You never know, Jelly, Dr. Horrible's the most lucrative thing he's ever done because he and the crew split the profits directly. Much Ado was filmed in his house, with his friends, and (I think?) on a smartphone. Not exactly a massive overhead, there: with a theater or DVD release, it might indeed pay the bills.

Or, more probably, pay for the next Bellwether project.
Ha, I don't think Joss has had to worry about paying the bills in a very, very long time. The man has been a millionaire since before he made the Buffy show.
This shows a lot of confidence in Joss, which is fantastic after the long period where he kept being cancelled and having movies go through development hell (Wonder Woman, Goners, etc). Finally have we hit another golden age of Joss?
Presumably his exclusivity deal doesn't extend to web content? It did only refer to tv and films.
Much Ado wasn't filmed on a smartphone. I remember reading a interview with one of the actors that they were surprised when they saw all the equipment at Joss' house. They didn't realize it was a 'real' film.
I think it signals the end of the Buffyverse.

Disney is Joss' master now.
I know this deal *doesn't* mean that Joss Whedon will be working on every single Marvel project, but if it did, wouldn't it be great if he showed up as Gerald the SQUAT Team leader in all of them? (No, I realize that would mean he wouldn't have time to actually do nnything else, which would be the opposite of great. But I do love Gerald the SQUAT Team leader.)

ManEnoughToAdmitIt, maybe you are thinking of Gary Oldman's video for Chutzpah, which was shot on a smartphone? Juliet Landau (the Whedonverse connection here) made a short film, "Take Flight," about the making of the video.
It seems a little grim to say that this is a sign of the end of anything. A ton of big-budget tentpole films take 2-3 years to make, and Joss Whedon having a three years contract with MArvel basically means that during the time he would be working on the Avengers 2 he can't write and direct other films for other companies.

It doesn't stiuplate anything about web-content or comics, which are the only types of things he'd likely have the time to directly oversee while making the film even if is this contract didn't exist.

Come 2015 he can go back to doing anything he wants, with even more industry clout, very likely a TON more money, and a succesful formula set for any director who wants to follow him up.
When Joss was writing 'Wonder Woman' he suffered under an exclusivity contract that prevented him from doing 'Goners' (or much of anything except comic books for about 2 years). So I'm hoping that he got Disney/Marvel to give him space for Doctor Horrible 2 in spite of them owning his time for 3 years (like maybe they would be willing to partner w/him, allowing him to release it through them somehow?). Maybe I'm naive (I always have been) but I'm hoping that Joss learned from his past mistakes and has a better contract w/Disney/Marvel.
Disney is Joss' master now.

I think we gathered how you felt with your first comment. As for the Buffyverse, Season 9 will finish around October 2013. I'm guessing there will be a couple of months break and then Season 10 will launch (12-24 issue run?). So we should *cross fingers* have Buffy till Joss finishes his deal with Disney.
Great news but also a tiny bit depressing as Joss is gonna be tied up with someone else's colourful superheroics for three more years. But as Joss is friends with Kevin Feige and Kevin was getting Joss's unofficial input quite a bit on the pre-Avengers stuff before Joss was signed up, he'd probably be doing it again for post-Avengers stuff. So I guess it makes sense that Joss actually gets paid for it. At least we know now that Avengers 2 is gonna be truly Marvel-ous.
I don't remember Wonder Woman placing him under any exclusivity. In fact, I swear I remember at least one interview where he talks about that general period as being waiting for one or the other to get greenlit and then having neither of them happen. Hmm.
When Joss was writing 'Wonder Woman' he suffered under an exclusivity contract that prevented him from doing 'Goners' (or much of anything except comic books for about 2 years). So I'm hoping that he got Disney/Marvel to give him space for Doctor Horrible 2 in spite of them owning his time for 3 years.

I think the main difference between this situation and the Wonder Woman one is that we can be absolutely sure Avengers 2 will be made. Part of the problem with Wonder Woman is that project was stuck in development hell so if there was a contract that is why it would have been a huge burden.

Also I think the contract does not say anything about web content, so I would be surprised if Doctor Horrible 2 or Wastelanders were affected.

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After I saw Avengers, I wanted him, more than anything, to do Avengers 2.

And he's going to develop a TV show!!! Guys, this is awesome news!

I'm sure he'll still work on his web and comic stuff, who said he wouldn't?

And he does have the rest of his life to do original work. Let him do Marvel stuff while it's so huge, and then he can do original stuff. Clearly he's ok with it if he chose to do it!!!
Congrats Joss!

This will allow Joss to play in the Marvel sandbox for a few years and he loves their characters. I hope this ultimately means that he will be able to focus more on telling stories than deciding what opportunities to explore and which direction to head his career.

Personally I was hoping they would announce a 22 episode show on HBO or Showtime but this is pretty amazing news too!
I think we gathered how you felt with your first comment.

I'm simply speaking from personal experience, Simon. I worked under an exclusive contract (my business manager insisted it was a good idea) but for me, personally, it all ended badly. Totally burned, and it was a good while before I started writing again. I'm certainly not suggesting that could happen to Joss.
Oh I bet the CW is jonesing for Dr. Horrible 2, even if it's just limited to web content first. I wonder how Disney feels about it.

Just to clarify, I have no problem with Disney. Look at the astounding success of Pixar under Disney, irregardless of contractual issues. I think Joss can do well with Disney behind him. I get the definite sense that they want to be out on the edge a bit in the fantasy verse. Look at Once Upon a Time, it's done well and has, IMO, an edgey story.

I'm sure there will be issues but I have faith that Joss protected his freedom of expression in his work. Maybe that's why it took so long for him to say he was doing Avengers 2. He may have been negotiating terms.

I also still do wonder what work Joss did on Toy Story. In my personal Jossverse canon, those unknown words sealed the deal. ;-)
Much Ado had a crew, it wasn't joss stood with his iPhone. That said, I absolutely believe a decent iPhone movie is shootable with the right talent and story. It's on my list of things to do before I finish Skyrim.

Goners - it was sold to Universal under the understanding Wonder Woman would come first. That's public record. Warner Bros weren't very focused on what they wanted. They kinda wasted their own time and money. Goners was.. complicated. I mean, you'd think they woulda been all over that as soon as Wondie fell apart, right? Or after Avengers?

Marvel are absolutely focused on what they want - those guys have a master plan and they're following it through. And getting lots of bucks as a result. And rightly so. And the neat thing is Joss is housed under a company who actually make, rather than talking about maybe doing something. Joss spent years in the Hollywood version of The Attic, with "Call Me Maybe" playing in 24/7. The idea that Joss is contractually required by a company who have the cash and ideas to create and deliver things should probably fill lots of people - included him - with glee.

I mean, you're likely going to get a high concept genre show (it's Marvel) out of his vision. And a major movie sequel to joss' previous movie, which is the 3rd highest grossing movie of all time. And a black and white Shakespeare movie - with Amy Acker and Alexis and Nathan and You Get The Picture. And other projects. I don't know how many of you guys were around in 2007, but imagine hearing that was on the horizon then.

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"Hell, for all we know it includes a distribution deal"

Aw man, all this good news flooding in is making me start to expect good news. THAT is the one actual downside to this ;o) Seriously, at this point I think I'll be highly shocked to not hear in a few days that Buena Vista will be distributing Much Ado to a theater near me... *doh* Also dying to see if we'll get a purple response in the next few days...

A great thing about being partnered with Marvel and thus Disney, is he can develop strong relationships with ABC and can lead to great shows with good freedom in the future yes?
I don't know how many of you guys were around in 2007, but imagine hearing that was on the horizon then.

Ah the Whedon wilderness years, where the only new content was Joss' X-run. Come to think of it, I'd like an Agent Brand cameo in Avengers 2. She is an original Joss character after all (I think).

Totally burned, and it was a good while before I started writing again. I'm certainly not suggesting that could happen to Joss.

Fair enough. It's a interesting situation. Joss is a multimillionaire businessman and he has just landed the deal of his career. We've only really seen the auteur side of him but I bet he's as a sharp as a whistle when he's negotiating.
Actually 3 years go by fast, if there is so much to look forward to. :) Before The Avengers was announced, it looked so dull. Everything that happened since, still seems a bit miraculous to me. As if someone made some kind of deal with a demon... Not me. Just saying.
I think Agent Brand and SWORD would probably be packaged with the X-Men franchise. She's not a mutant, but she was introduced in X-Men and has made the bulk of her appearances there. (In fact the spin-off series wound up having "X-Men" inserted into its title when collected in TPB.) Remember we also saw Kavita Rao from that run, or at least a hollow facsimile of her, in X-Men The Last Stand. Still, Fox hasn't laid claim to Brand or SWORD, and they were introduced long after the original X-Men contract was settled, so we'll see. (I mean, Wolverine was introduced in the Hulk title, and Punisher in Spider-Man, so...)

Runaways, on the other hand, is all there in the Marvel package.

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I'm happy for Joss and loved The Avengers, but I also love his original worlds and characters. Like others, I hope this doesn't push back projects he hasn't made yet like Doctor Horrible 2 and Wastelanders.

Last we heard, it hadn't been decided what medium DH2 would be on, am I right? So it looks likely this deal could ensure that it would be a webseries. But I recall Joss saying he worked for Disney back in the Toy Story days because he wanted to write musicals. It's too bad Disney doesn't make live-action musicals anymore, since Joss already has one in the works.
Anybody else wondering if the exclusivity deal was designed to keep Joss away from DC-Warner Bros. projects?

I don't think there's much of a downside to this deal. They've obviously thrown whopping truckloads of filthy lucre at him to keep him on their team. And it makes total sense for Joss to be the creative partner to Kevin Feige in this whole Marvel Cinematic thingy because it's only going to get exponentially more complex. Plus he'll probably get exec producer credits for all of the upcoming Marvel movies regardless of how much input he um, puts in.

It's a smart move on Marvel's part, no doubt about it, but it can't hurt Joss to make a lot more money and gain more leverage to jumpstart his own projects.

Guys, we've seen how he's treated when he has no leverage in the business. It cannot get worse than being put through development hell on a loop. This is ALL win here.
Marvel has made a deal with our Joss Whedon. We all know Joss' writing talent supercedes anyone else's when it comes to character development, story, witty dialogue and spiffy...dialogue. Marvel have just tasted what Joss Whedon can do, and the next three years will be a compendium to all the Whedony stuff we will all soon enjoy!
I don't see Joss as Angel and Marvel as Wolfram and Hart, but I get the concern.
No, it's Disney that's Wolfram and Hart. :)
@Dean then Let's Go To Work!
I really hope Buena Vista/Disney announce they're distributing Much Ado soon. Maybe after it gets rave reviews at Toronto? :D
What Joss can and can't do outside of his Marvel duties is likely only really known to his agent and a few higher ups at Disney right now - and they may disagree on what his contractual limitatons really are. We'll just have to wait and see - but regardles of what the contractual limitations are, his contractual obligations will leave very little time for other pursuits. I think this is great news for us looking for more in the Marvel universe, but it is bad news if you were looking to see Dr. Horrible II, Much Ado About Nothing II, Serenity II, etc...
"Before The Avengers was announced, it looked so dull. Everything that happened since, still seems a bit miraculous to me. As if someone made some kind of deal with a demon... Not me. Just saying. "

You think Joss Whedon sold his soul for a old pickup truck? Or he made a deal with Izzy?
After The Avengers's success no studio would have declined an opportunity to work with Joss. So, if he chose to sign this particular contract then he felt it was right for him. Also, I don't think he would have accepted an contract that would preclude him from filming a movie in his home with his friends during his holidays.

Joss has been dealing with Hollywood for decades. There's no reason to doubt his business savvy.

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It's kind of funny.I guess Warner Bros. is trying to steal a little thunder.News just broke that they are in talks with Ben Affleck to direct The Justice League film.

[ edited by Buffyfantic on 2012-08-08 22:04 ]
LOL, just saw that online Buffyfantic. A bit underwhelming but I think it underscores how badly DC-Warner Bros. have managed their transition to a cinematic franchise.
I'd tend to think that the Dr. Horrible social media accounts would not be continuing their recent ramping back up if the Marvel film/TV deal negated being able to continue working on DH2, no?
Oh WB/DC... you don't seem to have a plan... you don't seem to even have a pl...

Oh there's just... so much... argh.

Whatever... YAY MARVEL
yh i think mayb WB/DC were after him so marvel swept in to keep him so he wont be working for the competition. Just hope he can carry on with comics n hisnown stuff etc during these 3 yrs
Actually, it does seem like DC have learned from Marvel's approach to figure out what they want and hire the director accordingly. With GL they didn't really know what they wanted, except that they wanted it 'dark' (dark what exactly?). They had a script and they hired a director with an action movie experience to do the, you know, directory-actiony stuff. Which didn't work out critically or financially.

Now they've figured out that they want a dark drama. So they find a director who has done some critically acclaimed dark dramas with ensemble casts. Makes perfect sense to me.
whedonfandavid, what?
Well, crap. I would really like for Joss to work on original ideas instead of tired old comic-book pulp that's been endlessly re-hashed. It feels like my hero just sold out to The Man. :(
I can't think of a single show that Whedon's done that was not clearly inspired by comic books. There is no selling out being displayed here. Merely a big fan getting paid to write the characters he loves and insuring that the proper faithfulness and justice is paid to them.
It's not like Joss is going to be tied up in a basement. It's three years during which he will be making stuff. How can people be upset at Joss being successful? I know everyone would like their own little Joss locked up in their own basement making only the things they want, but this is the decision he made. Don't knock it before we've seen the outcome, which judging by his track record will likely turn out awesome.
I know everyone would like their own little Joss locked up in their own basement making only the things they want, but this is the decision he made

Wait. What are you insinuating? Those noises coming from my basement are just the, uh, the TV. Yes, that's it, the TV. (Feverishly tries to hide pages of new Firefly episodes).
Yoink-I know you've got Sean Maher in there, too. I hope they at least have separate buckets.
I hope they at least have separate buckets.

Buckets are a privilege, not a right.
I am speechless. Can anyone hit the fast forward button? Don't take your hand off it until the next Avengers movie and/or Joss' new show comes out. I'll just sit here.
They've figured out that they want a dark drama. So they find a director who has done some critically acclaimed dark dramas with ensemble casts. Makes perfect sense to me.

Don't forget that Ben Afleck is an Academy Award winning screenwriter as well. The man knows how to tell a story. DC/Warner could do a lot worse.
Aren't they only talking to him as a director? Basically a hired hand? If he gets to rewrite the script thats a different story.
I'm confused, petranef. How is this tired old comic book pulp rehashed endlessly? Avengers as a movie hadn't been made. Now there's a sequel, which also has not been made before. These comics might have been in existence for decades but in no way have they been rehashed endlessly. This is a fantastic opportunity to not only elevate comic book films as an art form, but to bring more recognition to Joss' work.
So I just realized we're going to need another category for the Marvel tv show. Yay for more categories!
I go on vacation for a week and this happens?!? Wow. This sure is something. I really am torn, though- as much as I loved Avengers, I'd really love to see Joss return to his own characters.

But I'm not complaining- this basically guarantees a steady stream of Whedony goodness for the next three years, no?
whedonfandavid: your comments would be a lot easier to read if you used proper grammar and punctuation as per the rules. Thanks.
@Simon I would add a suggestion for "Not being drunk while typing" as well :)

Now even though this means we will get more awesome stuff, I still want to know WHAT that awesome stuff is. So, ultimately, I can't sit still! *shuffles around awkwardly*
It's hard to look at the Avengers film and see it as any kind of a "rehash". It's not even that much like the comics it's based on, really.
Just want to point out that it would be awesome for us, as fans, to just be happy for the person we're a fan of. He's worked hard, and this is a really tremendous career move (that he deserves). He doesn't owe us anything and if I were him, reading these comments (which he does still, yes?), I would be disheartened and feel guilty about something I should be feeling happy about. This is great news for the guy we all respect. Let's be happy for him.
Joss made it clear at Comic-Con that he has no burning desire to revisit the past. Personal projects that have already been started will be finished, but his real desire is to look forward along the road not yet traveled. We're seeing him enact that now via this new contract, true to his word.
I'm not sure why everyone is concerned about this. It's only for 3 years. Joss worked on the first Avengers for about as long it seems and now you're going to get even more stuff from him in that timeframe. And also his own web projects he's already confirmed. Take a deep breath people.
Perhaps I misspoke. When I said return to his own characters, I don't mean ones he's already created, I meant returning to creating his own characters. That being said, I'm very much looking forward to a Joss-helmed Avengers 2.

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