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August 08 2012

Wolfram & Hart and... Legal Ethics? Would Angel really be allowed to become the CEO? Are the Senior Partners members of the California Bar? 'Law and the Multiverse' investigates these and other questions.

See the comments in the article for more discussion.

Kind of a silly question IMO. I never saw them as just a law firm. Also, it's fiction. But, what I posted over there:

"After reading this, a thought struck me. Perhaps the Senior Partners are the Bar in California. If so, then they could allow anyone they wanted. They could also draw up any document needed anytime."
I think they would find a way around it. Ethics doesn't seem to be a problem.
Considering how many people learn their "facts" from TV's fiction, maybe not so silly a question to ask how things actually work in real life.

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momentary lack of brain function.

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A few years ago I had to visit a client at her office. She was a secretary for Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP Century City office. As I walked in I felt I was in the W&H offices. Layout, attitude of staff, I read their presentation book of offices world-wide and who they have represented. Dead on.
Marsia: "... and who they have represented. Dead on."

They represented the Capo Di Famiglia ? Creepy!

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