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August 08 2012

Jane Espenson to talk Husbands at GeekGirlCon. Jane Espenson, Brad Bell and Sean Hemeon will discuss "Husbands - A Comedy for the Marriage Equality Age" at this Seattle con on Saturday, August 11.

The talk will take place from 3:30 PM 4:50 PM in RM301/302.

They'll also be signing at 12:45 on Sunday afternoon.

Should be a good time. :)
I still have to watch this show. I'll get round to it soon.
Did this awesome write-up and almost 10 minute BTS video get posted? Can it be added to this post?

Has a picture of Joss in his role.
I'm sad I had to cancel my GGC plans in order to go to SDCC, but not sad that I went to SDCC.
There's also a "Husbands" panel at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills on Monday night, with tickets for just $7.

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