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August 08 2012

15 years after Buffy: she influenced pop culture. A lot. The impact of Buffy on pop culture.

It was a good read and it's nice seeing my favourite show get love, but did anyone else have a problem with this;

"zero dialogue for the first 27 minutes"

It started with dialogue.
There was a vague weakness on the background. A lot of shows had done musical episodes before. The WB was really not known for anything in its first year; maybe the shows were "frilly pink;" I wouldn't know because, like most everyone else, I didn't watch them. And interspecies romances, however biologically ridiculous, were a staple in the Trekverse.

But a decent article over-all.
The thing that is weird/sad about the references to the WB's original programming is that it was mostly aimed at black audiences. There's something grossly culturally imperialistic/racist about programming focused on white characters taking over and getting praised for that.
All the netlets(Fox, WB, UPN) started out courting to the black audience and then ditched us when they get hot. :( Well UPN never got hot but thats another story.
I know it's a sad part of the history of those networks.

Nice UPN burn though :)

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