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August 09 2012

Charisma Carpenter opens up to TVLine. As she prepares for her new show 'I Survived Evil', Charisma talks about her own harrowing experience.

It makes you wonder what it was like for her when she going through some of the things she had to do in her character as Cordy - fighting off demon and human attacks and demonic pregnancies. She has a lot of guts that she could go through those kinds of scenarios, with that in her history.
What a brave woman.
I just read about this last week, what an absolutely terrifying and amazing story. Having read the account of what happened to her, I'm glad to hear that Charisma feels ok with the situation now. She and her two friends should feel proud. They are all heroes.
I hadn't heard this story before. She's quite the hero.
Here's an account of the attack from People magazine in 1992.
Wow. Poor Charisma.
Yes, also the rebar incident in "Lovers' Walk" was based on soemthing that happened to her as a child. I really hope I live long enough to read ehr autobiography.

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