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August 09 2012

Industry insiders predict Avengers 2 release date. May 1st, 2015 looks to be a safe bet.

What? Another 16 months? Right after these 16 months? That's... so many months.
Back around 2005, Joss said something along the lines that his future was movies. No one really knew what that meant until now.
I really hope this doesn't turn out to be true, because that would mean only one original Marvel film in phase two. Not only that, but I also think 3 years is too soon for another Avengers film. The first film did so well because it was a big event. I think audiences would respond more strongly if the sequel was treated differently, especially since all of Marvel's films are kind of one big franchise. Pumping out another sequel just 3 years later like it's just another blockbuster doesn't seem right to me.

And on top of that I'd like to see Ant-Man in The Avengers 2.
Given joss is contracted to write and direct Avengers 2 in a 3 year window (June 2015), I don't see how it could be delivered any later Racoon Boy. Also, I love your nickname.
What gossi said. Since his contract runs out June 15th, 2015, it would be kind of difficult for the movie to come out after that.
3 years isn't a long time? Jesus! I don't think I could wait any longer than that. Most sequels come out 2 years after the original, 1 year if they're made on the cheap. A sequel has to be AMAZINGLY GOOD(we're talking terminator to terminator 2) if its released more than 3 years and most aren't up to the task.

Not that I don't have faith in Whedon to up the quality that high in the sequel. I just don't want to wait that long. Plus you have to consider the age of the actors and the longer you wait the bigger chance of some of them not returning.
Yeah I know, that was the only thing about the 3 year contract announcement that bothered me. I'm still hoping The Avengers 2 can come out in July or August at the earliest. Just late enough that they can squeeze Ant-Man in there first.

I just remember being really excited for phase 2, and the idea that it was gonna get more cosmic and magical and strange. I'm still really excited for everything that's coming, I guess I just wanted to see more universe expansion than it looks like we're getting.

And thank you for your kind words about my name. I don't use it much these data but I'm still quite fond of it.
@Racoon Boy -- Guardians of the Galaxy is new and universe expanding (literally); plus, Ant-Man is very likely to drop prior to Avengers 2. GotG comes out August 1st 2014. I think Ant-Man will come later that fall, or in the Spring prior to Avengers. It's probably not a tent-pole summer release.

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Racoon Boy, I think we'll get the two films. Ant-Man even has a section on Marvel's film website. Feige said a while back about doing lower-budget Marvel films, and I think that's what Ant-Man will do. Edgar can work with that.

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eddy, the actors can be signed to multipicture deals. Robert Downey Jr. will be the big star Marvel has to re-sign to a deal to do Avengers movies or more Iron Man films. I believe he was originally contracted for 3 Iron Man films and the Avengers film. Jeremy Renner is under contract, and Scarlet Johansson is reportedly making $20 million for the second Avengers movie. Who is left? Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, and Mark Ruffalo.
More on Robert's deal here in Variety.
I'm extremely excited to see Edgar Wright tackle Ant-Man, and I hope there will be some collaboration between he and Joss in the future. The geekverse would implode with joy.
Edgar Wright's The World's End is supposed to start filming in September. From what I understand as soon as that movie is wrapped up that Edgar Wright is going to start working on Ant-Man. My understanding is that the script is done, Wright has already done some pre-production tests on how the the special effects will work. So I would be surprise if Ant-Man wasn't released sometime in 2015.

It's known that Joss & Edgar Wright have talked, so it is possible for Ant-Man to join the Avengers. Now what I wonder is where Wasp fits into all of this. :)
If Wasp is in AntMan and/or The Avengers, it would be hilarious to see what Joss would do with her. Her fangirling over Thor would be too funny if Joss was writing it hahaha. :)
Yay! My birthday! (Now to decide between IMAX or Alamo Draft House. IMAX is cool...but ADH has chocolate cake for the birthday girl.)

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