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August 10 2012

Small Firefly reference in another Gutters webcomic. See if you can spot it.

I laughed out loud, mainly because of the title of this post. I was actually expecting something small.
Sidenote: why does Jayne's face look so derp-y?
I don't know. Kind of hard to spot. I like that Jayne is using a wrench to fight instead of one of his many guns.
very subtle reference.
Aaaah stop it! Don't make my head go there!

I want this to happen so so much. Joss "secretly" stashing away cash from all the Marvel $$$ to make the BDM2 ... JUST to prove to everyone that you really can.not.stop.the.signal--ever!
If Avengers 2 features Immortus, Kang, the Time Keepers, or some other of Marvel's time-traveling entities ... well, you heard it here first!
Where's the Firefly reference...? Pffft! Awesome - if only it could be true.
Aaaand my heart breaks at not seeing Wash or Book.

But then it's happy again because, well, AWESOME!
Are you sure that's a Firefly reference? Bit of a stretch.

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