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August 10 2012

Trailer for 'Red Dawn' starring Chris Hemsworth. The much delayed remake will finally be out on November 21st.

That actually looks pretty cool.
Wow, this actually looks well directed!

Sign me up!!!

I think it's crazy that Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson made a film together years ago, well before they were stars. Funny how that is!
I don't like that it isn't set in Colorado anymore but, if Thor is in it, I'll watch it.
This actually... looks good. Honestly, if you're a part of the Whedonverse family, I'll see anything you're in. Especially if you're Chris Hemsworth. Or Tom Hiddleston ;)
Did anyone see Hemsworth in A Perfect Getaway with Steve Zahn, Milla Jovovich, and Timothy Olyphant? A nice little thriller set in Hawaii. Lots of shirtless Hemsworth if I recall.
That doesn't look... too bad, actually - although I'm definitely going to miss the epic-ness that came with Basil Pouladoris the first time around.
I really liked the original. I hope this one is as good.
Hooray for jingoistic xenophobic paranoid fantasies?
I'm sorry, but I can't take this seriously. I wish all the best for Chris (and Josh Hutcherson, for that matter), but this is as dumb a concept as it was in the eighties. I think I can hear people in North Korea laughing right now.

Also, bet money that Jeffrey Dean Morgan winds up dead by the end of the movie (since I've seen exactly one film and/or television series where he's actually survived until the end).
Alright trailer, but couldn't they have found a new song?
I'll never get sick of that song no matter how often its overplayed. Are the villains still NK cause I can't see the general audience not laughing at that. NK is no threat to the U.S. They should've left it as China. Despite all of this, I'll probably see it.
NK is no threat to the U.S.

Indeed. Then again, neither are China in the sense of "we're going to invade your country." I guess they figure that the audience can just swallow the premise in a sort of "imagine some alternate universe where this was actually possible" way. Personally I'd find it easier to suspend my disbelief if it was aliens. Filmmakers had it easier in the old Cold War days--there was a really reliable bad-guy for all your movie-plot needs.
I love how if people invade the US we obviously turn to insurgents fighting for our freedom, but when we invade other countries we wonder why they fight us.

Politics aside. Looks good. Im a sucker for Helmsworth so win, also his brother is Josh from Drake & Josh. I feel old.
@FrellaC Same here xD

People seem to forget that North Korea has the third largest military in the world, the only thing they lack truly is technology. They're still a step behind but they have manpower. That's one reason we have so many troops in South Korea (one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, with a small military) to keep the North Koreans from getting it.

If North Koreans had their hands on South Korean tech and enough time to weaponize and utilize it they'd be a serious threat. And judging by the trailer (where they said a weapon was used that essentially shut us down) I'd say it's a world where they did just that.
Looks fun! I was shocked that wifey had never seen the original and we just recently watched it on Netflix. The video game, Homefront, is a blast so it's got me psyched for this. Of course you can't take it seriously. It's to be enjoyed the same as watching Schwarzenegger plow through a bunch of baddies with a machine gun and a knife.
Well, they obviously couldn't use the enemy from the original film, due to Existence Failure of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. As far as people needing to swallow the premise, even the original one required a lot of suspension of disbelief, and dealt with it in the first 30 seconds or so with a quick narration to explain the circumstances that are not of actual reality --

Soviet Union suffers worst wheat harvest in 55 years... Labor and food riots in Poland. Soviet troops invade... Cuba and Nicaragua reach troop strength goals of 500,000. El Salvador and Honduras fall... Greens Party gains control of West German Parliament. Demands withdrawal of nuclear weapons from European soil... Mexico plunged into revolution... NATO dissolves. United States stands alone.

Sort of like AU fanfic, but for life. "Real Life, except for this, this, and this".
In all honesty, this looks stupid, but it can't possibly be as unwatchable as Transformers 2.
Failed comedy is painful to watch, but failed seriousness can be hilarious (see: Twilight).
I see your Transformer 2 and raise you a Battleship. *shudder*
The question is: Why do it in the first place, the earlier "Red Dawn' is a classic.

I see your "Battleship" and raise you a "HAL 9000".
People seem to forget that North Korea has the third largest military in the world, the only thing they lack truly is technology. They're still a step behind but they have manpower.
If North Koreans had their hands on South Korean tech and enough time to weaponize and utilize it they'd be a serious threat. And judging by the trailer (where they said a weapon was used that essentially shut us down) I'd say it's a world where they did just that.

Except it's not just a matter of gaining one new technology and weaponizing it. They have a massive military, yes (what I just looked up said 9.5 million troops including reserves and paramilitary forces), but both their air force and their navy are tiny in comparison to ours, and largely outdated. For them to have any chance at invading the US (across several thousand miles of open ocean) they would have to spend years building better ships and planes - something impossible to do in secret.

To suggest there would be no reaction to something like that... seems a bit farfetched. Not to mention that their armed forces have to be pretty much already at their limit, considering that their entire population is only around 24 million people, whereas there would be at least 200 million potential resistance fighters in the US (leaving out those too young or too old to fight)...
Yes, Rome, "The Eternal City", will never fall. And certainly not to the Visigoths - they're simple barbarians after all.

Puncturing the aura of US invincibility is precisely why Red Dawn is important. It's a call for vigilance and a reminder to not take what we've had for so long for granted. I look around and see how entirely dependent our society has become on technology and electricity. A single event - solar storm, EM pulse, computer virus - could cause so much to change overnight.

Now I'm sure being a movie, Red Dawn will favor sensationalism over realism - as did the original, which is still a classic and unlikely to be improved on. It's still closer to the vest than alien invaders and many other doomsday scenarios. Ultimately, the reason the original worked for me was the idea behind the premise: That our day to day existence casts an illusion of safety and stability - and that it'll simply continue that way until the day it doesn't.
The original "Red Dawn" had a greater whiff of plausibility, to be sure. Not just because the Soviet Union at the apex of its military strength, with the backing of proxy armies from two Central American states was exponentially more capable of invading, let alone occupying, any significant portion of the continental United States -- even at our mid-80s military strength -- than North Korea is today. I mean, yes, a single event could change a lot, but the plausibility suffers a lot not only for who the invading force is, but also where the resistance is (apparently suburban Boston/New York?).

I wonder what consultants they had for crafting the update, like if this is actually a contingency scenario at DoD somewhere. It would be interesting to see what sort of wargaming exists on a foreign army successfully occupying any significant part of the US.
I think the issue that I have with films like these is that, rather than aim for a more complex and nuanced message like BringItOn5x5 describes, these films end up being a huge wank-fest over what a supposedly great country we are. Not to mention one more excuse to dismiss (if not outright vilify) countries we don't agree with. And while I can't say I agree with North Korea's social or political policies, I don't think this film will exactly be a forum for intelligent criticism either.
I'd be interested to see comparisons between this movie and Falling Skies.
Someone supposedly once suggested to John Milius that he remake Red Dawn with the enemy being domestic, rather than foreign. His alleged reply: "I'm in enough trouble already."

I really, really enjoyed Hemsworth in Avengers more than I expected, but here I'm with those who prefer the original. I haven't seen Cabin in the Woods yet, so hopefully that'll be as much a vehicle for him as everyone else.

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