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August 10 2012

Loki's next goal: "I need a bait and eyeliner". Joss Whedon's dialogue as you've never seen it ever.

That's pretty hilarious if genuine.
Saw this the other day. Bloody hysterical. And "cube robbed" isn't bad for a two-word summation of the film.
"bare ass green big man" took it over the top.
This can't be real. It can't be. It's sooooo bad.

Thanks for sharing.
I saw this a few days ago on tumblr... It's GENIUS!!!

"I do not like the thunder guy" XD
Speaking of which, I finally published this bootleg Dollhouse DVD cover (yes, it is real).
Oh wow, that's pretty awesome (ly awful) too...

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I love the word that the red letters (nearly) spell.

Kind of appropriate for the show, almost, to have one person's thoughts transplanted into another place where they don't belong.
Where did you find that Gossi?
Gossi, that's incredible. This whole thing--just where to begin?
I do not doubt its veracity. Translation is hard, particularly when you bring metaphors and idioms into the mix. Every day I read documents drafted in foreign languages from throughout the globe This is totally what I'd expect of a translation prepared by someone with moderate proficiency in the language without any training in translation. Even officially certified translations of formal documents will have something "off" in the English version of the text.

"bare ass green big man" had me in hysterics. It would be awesome to see a photoshop of the screencaps with the actual English version for comparison.
Heh.......this is funny.Well to give my people credit, informant in Chinese does translate to eye line...although to be an eyeliner, you need a pen...
We all know there was a similar Revenge of the Sith find a few years ago, right? "Star War: Backstroke of the West", birthplace of the now famous "Do not want" meme.
Oh man, Backstroke of the West. That was the best thing ever.
This is hilarious! And I didn't know about Backstroke of the West - just looked it up. And now I'm in tears!
"you positioning to the Rubik's Cube" had me in stitches. No woner it's so hard to resolve, it's from another planet!
And people wonder why international relations are so tricky ...
Man, some times those Chinese subtitles are hilarious. My husband is a big anime fan, and he's watched some Amazing HK subs in his time with gems like,

"Shooting machine ready to shoot!"

"Translated for fans by fans!"

"I just love . . . acid."

The best ones happen when they get the subtitles for another totally unrelated movie and put them on another. Like he Yu-Gi-Oh movie which is geared towards kids and young teenagers got the subtitles from some really crazy super adult flick.

So this is pretty par for the course, and of course, utterly hilarious.
"Achieve relaxation which is our aim."

Sounds like a good aim actually.
But, the eyeliner with the bait trumps everything.
I kept waiting for an iconic moment to get beautifully mangled along the lines of Do Not Want. "We are cousins" came closest.

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