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August 11 2012

Happy birthday to Chris Hemsworth! Today, the God of Thunder (or Curt) turns 29.

Shee-it..I'm exactly 1 month older than Thor?! Mind = officially blown!


Happy birthday to our favourite God of Thunder/brainy jock!
Funny Thor is actually the younger brother. Many happy returns. :)
Yay! Happy Birthday Thor/Curt! :) thank you for making two of my favorite films just a little bit brighter ;)
Happy happy Birthday to my favorite Avenger/Curt!!!

Can't wait to see him work with Joss some more!!! :D
Hey, hey, I think everyone is losing track of what's important here: it's my first post in, not some awesome actor.

Wait, where did these dark rain clouds over my house come from, all of a sudden?
Happy birthday, gorgeous!
Happy birthday Chris!
The God of Curt? :)

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