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August 11 2012

BuffySavedMyLife blog - "Everything Buffy, All The Time". Just came across this blog, don't believe it's been mentioned here before, from a passionate fan who's doing character focused blog posts right now and then plans to cover each episode of the series.

There's no need for a spoiler tag here.
Thanks Simon. I thought better safe than sorry. :)
Buffy is an infamous character?
What is a sye? (See the entry on Willow Rosenburg, which is not Rosenberg...).
..... Wow, That is a really badly written blog......
I think the 'About' page says it best: "Im just BIG BUFFY FAN"

Personally, I don't worry about how well or poorly a personal blog is written. The passion and fun is obviously there.
Perhaps you should focus on the point rather than the wording.
I enjoyed this blog because the author is so positive! No negativity, at least from what I read so far. After the recent experience with a previously popular re-watch blog, this is a breath of fresh air.

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