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August 12 2012

Enver Gjokaj on tonight's episode of Drop Dead Diva. Airing now! Just saw his name in the credits. On Lifetime.

Thanks for the heads' up! I am set to record now.
I won't be the first to say it here (that distinction goes to Like With Pie about a year ago), but it bears repeating: he looks just like Paul Ryan!
Maybe he could play Ryan in Danny Strong's next movie.
He plays opposing counsel on Jane's case
I want to him to play Paul Ryan on SNL. Or Danny Strong's next movie. That's a great idea.
@Bishop thanks for remembering! And it makes me think that somehow Paul Ryan is a doll...
@ Like With Pie, LOL! Whenever I see Paul Ryan on TV I start thinking about Dolls in Washington - it's equal parts nerdy and terrifying. I can't help imagining a certain *cough* politician *cough* meeting Enver somewhere and saying he has their full support. rotfl

Enver should appear more on my screen, he's so talented. On that note, the DDD episode is not included in his IMDb page.
I was watching the show and got excited when I noticed him. I pointed him out to the friend I was watching with, and I went to look at it on IMDB because I like to do that. And like Mirage said, he wasn't there! And then I got on here and saw the link and got happy again :)

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