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August 13 2012

Happy Birthday Robin Balzer! Celebrate the only superhero in the Buffyverse who also also lives in this 'verse.

A Comic Book Resources story on how Robin came to be chosen as Minder and a story on Joss's original announcement and super-husband Jerrod's love letter about his wife.

Happy Birthday Robin :)
Happy Birthday Robin!
Many happy returns, Robin. :)
Happy birthday to Robin! Hope it's a very happy day for you & Jerrod. ♥
Happy Birthday to you, Robin!
From those of us who are all wacky and linear, happy birthday!
Robin is forever thrilled with your support over the years and it warms my heart to see the smile on her face thanks to Joss and fellow Buffy fans everywhere. Thank you for the birthday wishes to her! She's glowing right now. And now I'm off to make her some blueberry pancakes!
Happy Birthday, Robin! I wish you many moments of joy, of heart-swelling inspiration, and laughter in abundance!
Happy Birthday! And enjoy those pancakes. :)
Happy birthday, Robin! Stay strong!

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