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"Oh my god. What can it be? We're all doomed! Who's flying this thing!?"
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August 14 2012

"He is natural and funny and just perfect!" Jane Espenson talks about Joss' upcoming stint on 'Husbands'.


Everyone is going to FREAK when they see Joss in this...

I was there at the Paley Center last night for the Season 2 premiere and at ComicCon, and he is HYSTERICAL and really great!

Whedonites should be excited! :D
I was at the Paley Center last night as well, (finally met Amber Benson last night, she looked stunning!) He really is a natural actor. I normally don't like when directors add their own cameos in a film, cause they usually can't act, but Joss really can. He's hilarious and I'll flip out if he has a cameo in Avengers 2; he really should haha
He stole the show as the leader of the SQUAT team in "Scary Smash". I have no doubt he's up to the task :)

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