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August 14 2012

Whedon to Birbiglia and This American Life: Drop Dead! In which Joss sarcastically exhorts us to boycott Mike Birbiglia's upcoming indie flick so it won't overtake the Avengers. Classic Whedony humor.

Gotta love a guy who refers to his own movie as a "corporate spectacle."
What were those last couple of words Joss said? I couldn't hear that part....
I just wish there was an Art/Independent Theater near me so I could get them to run the movie so I could then boycott it! With picket signs.

Here is the trailer so we'll all know what we are protesting... although seeing it first would be even better.

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"He could make fun of the Pope, we don't know."

"Call your local arthouse theater, get them to book 'Sleepwalk With Me' so that you can boycott it, too."

Joss' new YouTube channel has 83 subscribers so far. I wonder whether there will be more videos there in the future, or if this is a one-off thing.

@embers: The last part was, I think: "Remember when I made the Avengers? So good..."
Something about "We have to stop the love."

Yet another reason to love Joss Whedon. I did a chuckle out of hearing Ira Glass talk about trying to compete with the Avengers. And this is just so typical a response. Okay Peter Sagal NOW will you have Joss guest on "Wait, Wait . . . Don't Tell Me"?
That movie looks really good.

And can we have more Joss Whedon youtube videos, please?
I'm definitely subscribing to the YT channel: jwvid eo Hopefully, JW will make it a reg thing. I also found this for those who want to get more into This American Life.
embers: " I could then boycott it! With picket signs."

I suggest taking it to the next level.
Instead of picketing out front, organize a group to do a sit-in in the theater.

Your group filling seats will prevent others from using those seats to see the movie.
And your stoney silence during the showing will proudly show the world the contempt you have for this movie. (Except when you clap to celebrate the movie finally being over.)

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"Corporate spectacle." So, anyone still worried that Joss has sold out?

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