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February 14 2004

Variety article on Angel's cancellation. Mentions strong demographics of the show but notes the WB's need for new hits in the face of aging shows (sub req). Filmforce picks up on the strange timing of the announcement.

Relevant excerpt from Variety:

Move on the surface is a head-scratcher: Skein is the net's second highest-rated hour among viewers 18-34 and fourth among 12-34 auds. Its numbers have been solid this year, even against brutal competish on Wednesday night.

But Frog execs are also facing the reality of an aging sked, with skeins such as "Charmed," "7th Heaven" and "Gilmore Girls" potentially facing final seasons next year.

Hopefully an announcement from Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy will be forthcoming in the next couple of days. If they want a sixth season of Angel, they will no doubt advise on the strategy that fans should take.

I am heartbroken, upset with the WB, and barely able to complete a thought. I feel utterly helpless. My favorite show, my only MUST SEE show, I truly feel I will be lost without it. This rambling seems so inane...but I am absolutely numb.
...sorry, I accidentally double posted...see...numb.

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You have a good point. If Joss and ME give up without a fight all fan support won't help. I was also wondering if David Boreanaz is really up for a sixth season, even if the show gets picked up by another network. He didn't seem to be so sure of it in the past few weeks.
A horrible thought: will all 22 episodes for this season air? Or will the show be yanked early? The WB announcement didn't say. I suppose it's heartening that Greenwalt referred to possibly directing the 20th episode. But I still worry. Why announce it so early?

I am itching to read a comment from Joss and others connected with the show (besides Greenwalt). We can only hope that somebody is scrambling to make a deal -- either for a jump to another network, or if it is the only option, hammering out a contract for a few Angel "movies" on the WB next season. The latter would make me much happier than finishing the Angel narrative with episode 22 of this season. There are still so many Angel stories to tell, still so much to be explained and fleshed out. Joss will never wrap everything up, which I love. But this is too damned premature.

I hope that all the new series that WB puts on the air next year tank, horribly. Not a nice thing to say but I'm not feeling nice right now.
I agree phlebotinin, I hope they all fail miserably. I only watched WB for Angel. I will not tune in for their remake of Dark Shadows. They are not going to lull me into watching that...thinking that swapping one vampire series for another will be no problem for them. No way...I hope it sucks! Okay...I really am 35 years old...though I don't sound it...but hey...I'm pissed and not feeling nice either right now!
phlebotinin, all 22 episodes of this season should air, TheWb didn't "cancel" angel as much as they stated that it would not be renewed following this season. Therefore Angel should finish the season. Hopefully some other station notices the WB's mistake and picks it up. Hopefully.
I'll take the word of a 400lb_Gorilla on the 22 eps airing -- because I'd be scared not to! Can't you turn some of that Gorilla force on the network and threaten the suits or something?
so "aging" = a show that's been popular enough to keep on the air for five years ?
I thought that was "successful"
Are they going to be able to wrap all the loose ends with the number of shows that they have left???
Joss has stated he will be ending the arc this season, in case there wasn't a sixth this season, prior to this. He also said he felt there were a lot more stories to be told for Angel. So, maybe they won't tie up all the loose ends, but he seemed confident they would resolve the major ones for this season in 22.
Well probably not all. Joss always ends in a way that continuation is possible in some form. Movies, new spinoffs....who knows.

Ah man me and my wife are soo pissed. There's hardly anything else we watch anymore. It's a completely Whedon-less tv land out there right now for the first time in about 8 years.

And the two elements that really piss me off is Charmed: cheap friggin rip off from Buffy. That show wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for Joss' shows. And I TRIED to like it, really, but....blueaaghhh. And THAT gets to go on!
And then Dark Shadows. If the WB was totally leaving fantasy/horror/action shows I'd still be mad, but it's a decision they can make. But to cancel Angel just to go ahead with a DIFFERENT vampire show??? One that is a remake of a remake of a remake no less? Argh! No offense to the writers and actors of that show but I hope it goes down in frigging FLAMES! Like Tarzan. Another brilliant move on the WB's part.

Ahh...the bastards....
Whedon and company said they would wrap this season up, regardless. They knew this was a definite possibility. Things had started to look up, with improved ratings and all the press Angel has been getting recently (the 100th episode and TV Guide coverage most notably), but I don't think anyone but a handful of fans are completely surprised.

As a fan of the show, and one who thinks it has a lot of stories left in it, I think the WB is making the wrong decision. But I'm not going to pretend I don't understand that decision. Angel is relatively expensive, not as big a ratings magnet as some of the network's other shows, and it maybe doesn't fit in with the overall package they're trying to present to the audience next fall.

The announcment upsets me, and I hold out hope that this isn't the end for AtS, but it doesn't exactly piss me off (unlike, say, the cancellation of Firefly). Cast and crew knew have said all season how they knew this was a possibility. The WB could have just decided to ax the show. Instead, they've simply decided not to renew it after this season.

But Whedon's said he knew where they were going from day one and that the open plot threads would resolve themselves well enough by the end for this season to serve as the last.

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phlebotinin, I tried exhibiting my gorillay will on jordan levin, but i live in missouri, so i have a bit of a way to travel. BUT! If i ever see levin in a dark allyway my vengence will be enacted!
It's disappointing to know that Angel as a character will not go on, I think it's appropriate that the series ended. Though people claim that 'Angel' has found a new energy this year, it's a bad energy--these single episode arcs have failed to maintain the emotional weight of previous seasons, and the characters themselves have diminished in complexity and depth, which in turn makes light what once was powerful myth. Harmony, for example, is an utterly stupid choice as comic relief--if she's perfectly able to control her evil side due to a company policy, what does this say for Angel's centuries' long struggle? Lorne, Fred, Gunn, and Wes are utterly wasted, and Whedon clearly doesn't know what to do with any character of color. What was missing--as many fans and critics have pointed out--was the Cordelia. Not only did she provide good comic relief, but she helped give the story an emotional core, which has been absent this season. And the sudden shift of focus to Spike--whom Whedon gave so much attention to in Buffy at the sacrifice of more important characters like Xander and Giles--only lessened the singleness of Angel's character. I've only watched a handful of episodes this season (they've been fairly bad), and with the exception of "You're Welcome" none carried any emotional weight. Knowing this, I think it's better that 'Angel' is cancelled--it's been awful knowing that what was once a good show had taken horrible missteps in story and character. We got four excellent seasons, an awful fifth season (except for "You're Welcome," which was due primarily to Charisma Carpenter)--it's time for 'Angel' to RIP.
Mel, I have to disagree. This season has been phenomenal. I realize some people miss the long drawn out dark story arcs, but I think last year's fourth season was overdone. In fact, if there was ever a time the show should have been cancelled it was at the end of the fourth season. Last year was such a drag that if not for the brilliant season finale by Tim Minear, I might have agreed that the show should have ended then. There truly is a new energy this year - and its a very positive one. The episodes are smarter, funnier, and a lot more entertaining than they have been in a long time. And although not enough to save the show, the improved ratings this season are a testimony to that. I think the addition of Spike has only improved the Angel character and the amazing chemistry between the two actors has allowed David Boreanaz to shine as the lead.

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I loved this season too. But if you hated it, let the body cool before you dance on the grave, and no parades during the funeral, please. There's plenty of time for fanwars later. The people who loved the show are upset enough as it is without the disgruntled to come along and do the I Told Ya So dance. Aren't fanwars more fun with both sides are at their snarly best anyways?
mai, I realize I sound insane, or like a potential stalker, but do you live in Virginia?
"If Joss and ME give up without a fight all fan support won't help. I was also wondering if David Boreanaz is really up for a sixth season, even if the show gets picked up by another network. He didn't seem to be so sure of it in the past few weeks. "

I did see a post on morethanspike the other week from a fan's visit to the set that they (ME) were ready to go on but the didn't know what the WB would do

That probably explains DB's attitude
My thoughts on this situation can best be summed up by a line taken from Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

"Do you know what's a good day to break up with somebody? Any day but Valentine's Day!"

This sucks! If Angel goes down, I will not watch Dark Shadows...and I was hoping it would be a good show, but I will not support the WB anymore. Anyway, if it turned out to be a good show, they would just cancel it.

I hope Joss is brewing up a new show for next fall (and not for the WB). Preferably something in the Buffyverse...Spike maybe? or Faith. Heck I would take any Slayer! there are tones of them out there now. Just something that kicks butt.

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DB made a couple of contradictory statements 2 weeks ago regarding his willingness to do a season 6; he did a chat with MSN where he expressed a desire for season 6 - encouraging fans to write to Jordan Levin. But he did a small AOL chat where he expressed some doubts about whether he would be up for continuing. Mostly it just sounded like disinformation aimed at the network ahead of his contract negotiations - nothing to get really worried about.
Angel Set Visit!

I've linked directly to the relevant post, where MadeToLove vaguely talkes about the political and financial complications, including how advertising effects the budget and why syndication is so important for a SF show.
I'm flabbergasted at this decision and the fact that it just makes no sense. Frankly, I think the only reason Angel lasted as long as it did on the WB is because Buffy moved to UPN. I think they, the WB, was going to get rid of Buffy at the end of season five and Angel would've been gone quickly after but because Buffy moved and did well, they kept Angel around to balance that lost audience. It seems to me that since then they have done nothing but make Joss Whedon jump through hoops in order for them to "justify" keeping Angel. Angel has seen it's best numbers ever and, in my opinion, gets better every year. It makes no sense to get rid of a popular show that has a steady fan base and replace it with untried pilots and remakes of other shows that had their hey day decades ago. I for one am not going to watch anything else that the WB has to offer.

I am grateful though that at least they are allowing the season to be finished, which Fox did not do for Firefly. Joss has a chance to wrap it up. I am hoping that UPN is still interested because they were when they had Buffy and I also wonder if the WB hanging on to it for another season was just an excuse to not let the UPN have the momementum of taking on Angel just as they've lost Buffy. I honestly feel that Angel has at least a few more good seasons of story telling to offer. I think Angel deserves a chance to finally shine on it's own and not be in the shadow of Buffy.

I hope Joss Whedon and company have some fight left in them to try and save this show and bring it to another network. I am afraid, though, after being burned in the past by Fox and the fight to try and save Firefly that he just might be so fed up with these networks that he'll just give up. I'm hoping that UPN is still interested in a possible Buffy spinoff and that Joss Whedon is still invested in doing one and with those desires on the table Angel can find a new home. A spinoff will obviously do better if a current Buffy spinoff is still around to launch it.

But UPN has definitely been going in a different direction and they just might not be interested any more. I guess we'll need to see what ME has to say on the whole subject and if they mention they are going to try shopping the show around and give us an idea where, then we can start sending out more letters to the potential buyers. I hope UPN still want the show because they were very good to Buffy and they respected the show and Joss Whedon.

Shame on the WB for killing this show so soon after it's 100th episode for no good reason. I don't normally wish anything bad on anyone but I also hope their new lineup flops big time.

And Coll - I'm almost 40, my husband's 43 and my best friend is 47 and we're all furious, disgusted and hoping for evil things to happen to the execs at the WB.

Remember when having a quality show that the critics loved on your network meant something to a network? Remember when they were proud of that and would brag about that and actually care?! Times sure have changed - and not in a good way.
Agree, agree, agree with you all...the WB is clearly W&H...all that fabulous pub in Hollywood Reporter, etc. and now this...the shiv in the midddle of the night...wife, son and I are in a state of shock right now...9 hours to go...and we felt this a year ago, the same kick in the teeth and guts, and I'm livid...blwessels, I turned 49 yesterday, and my son is a month shy of 20...talking about varying demographics...I am sick to death about this...

Can't believe I'm this distraught...but we alll (wife and son) are....
Remember when having a quality show that the critics loved on your network meant something to a network?

that's what my partner commented on in his petition entry... networks have always loved having a critically acclaimed jewel in their crown. i guess wanting to be known for quality programming has gone the way of the dinosaur.

as soon as the last ep of angel airs we're deleting the WB channel from our tv. it's all dreck anyways, and you can be sure dark shadows is going to be a joke. why do they keep beating that poor old dead horse anyways...?
Karma baybee...this feels like instant Karma. Joss has built a reputation as a storyteller who thrives on surprises and not a little too shy to twist the knife in a favorite character. And now he gets an opportunity to understand the feeling of metaphyical injustice when such a thing happens. (to him)

Let's face it--in our gut, in OUR GUT--we know the ability to tranform oneself completely and forever through the power of love is real. We know virtue and hard work toward a just end should be rewarded. We feel the rip and tear and terrible confusion when Lucy keeps yanking that football away from Charlie's attempts.

Joss's severe punishment of Spike at the end of seven (I don't mean the death I mean the 'other')was a real a terrible pain to absorb into the workings of our collective soul--but it could be born because--Spike had grown so. Incredible methaphor of adolescent into man through our 7 year association.

But then Joss brings Spike back as diminished and marginalized and completely out of cannon. No character except Angel has been allowed to grow and mature in ATS 5. Ideed...they Michael Jackson sized Our Spike so he could fit within the ATS paradigm.

The stories were shallow and came from a small world view.

If ONLY they had followed cannon. Wouldn't it have been amazing to bring Spike as he was at the end of 7? Mature, calm--wisdom gained from great suffering--and then have Angel have to scramble to catch up to a REAL rival not the deliberately false 'pretend' better man Spike, that was presented and we knew was going to be torn apart and viscerated.

Joss prides himself on telling emotional truths--but then blew it himself by incorporating this huge lie. Fire transforms. Trial by fire changes one forever--Spike was in a spiritual fire that burned his demon away so he could feel the reality of his soul. A gift before dying.

That has GOTTA change old are these writers? 12? Anyone who's lived a few years, just a few, understands cause and effect. Or did they loose their courage at the gate?

When Joss broke that law--I kept telling people %#**&^ he's gonna get cancelled for that. His beauty was in his ability to tell the truth. Break that--and you loose your storytelling priveledges. Karma babeee.

Bottom line--this show got cancelled cuz it broke from the truth, from the heart of the story and completley not understanding who their true audience was. Not kids. Not teenagers. But us. And we think about stuff.

But I kept tuning in (The ONLY show I watch on tv and I'm not kidding--o.k. I watch cspan televise congressional legislation)

But I tuned in hoping, just hoping they would get it together in time and start to build something--let JM cut loose and do something real. Hey! If you have two alpha males, just admit that you do and use it.

But whatever--I guess I'm saying understand why WB did it; I wish somebody just could have given Joss some notes...but...maybe he's telling his story. And if this is his genuine story--then, yeah...this is gonna get cancelled.

You know, I've not spoken with one Spike fan--not one, that is enjoying how Spike is being written on ATS.'s gonna get cancelled.

Herzog said something interesting after 'Fitzcalrado' (three native South Americans were accidently killed during the filming--something Herzog felt very badly about.) Anyway he said very simply he didn't think he should be making movies anymore.

Let's face it--Joss has hurt a lot, millions of people with his 'surprises' but has very, very seldom offered a balm on the wound he savedged. he knows what it feels like to have all your hard work, all your best hopes slam dunked by Lucy.

Oh, and did I mention; Karma?

Great post. I differ from your perspective a bit: I think Joss has long known full well what pain and suffering is. That's why he can write it so well, that's why the Whedonverse deals with human emotions and in one of the most layered, bittersweet ways I've ever seen on tv or elsewhere. Wishing Joss a kind of "take that!" about the end of AtS seems a little harsh. Hasn't the guy been through enough with the destruction of his original movie vision for Buffy, and most recently with the extremely painful cancelling of Firefly?

As for Spike, I'm not sure that Spike had become the kind of paragon that you describe at the end of Season 7. Spike's best moments -- and they were glorious -- were largely with Buffy. His relationship with others in the Scoobies and others was still a bit of the ol' Spike, still a bit edgy and tetchy. His purification during his great sacrificial burning up during Chosen was indeed beautifully moving, but I'm not sure it has to mean that he would forever be a completely new character.

Buffy, Angel, Willow, Xander, Cordelia, Wesley, Gunn -- you name it, they've all had their shining moments when they've done something especially pivotal, especially heroic. And in the flush of those moments, they've seemed almost like higher beings, like paragons. But of course, they're not. They're flawed beings. As is Spike, now that he's joined their ranks. Additionally, he's only newly ensouled, he has a lot to learn, he has made serious mistakes since having been ensouled, and he is now, I think, finally growing beyond his single-minded relationship with Buffy in Angel season five. He is starting to develop a kind of quiet amost-friendship with one of his greatest enemies, Angel. And he is showing signs of becoming more of a team player in the Angel gang than he had amongst the Scoobies.

Just my opinion.
Well, I'm a Spike fan and I like how he's been acting on AtS. Sure, he was annoying at the beginning of the season, but he was a frickin GHOST. The very tactile Spike lost the ability to feel, to touch- and he was with people he either disliked or just didn't know. Why would he be a sweet fuzzy bunny? Since Destiny, I love the way Spike is.

Not one likes the way he's been written now, huh? How many Spike fans do you know? Four? Really, I'm tired of all the poor wittle Spikey griping from a few people that make the rest of us seem like freaks. Characterization of one person out of a cast of several does not a horrible show make. There are plenty (or at least more than the so-called not-a-one) that thought Spike was too mushy last year and is glad that he's more balanced this year. I love love love the duality of the sniping and understanding relationship he has with Angel. For me it's one of the more touching 'familial' relationships I've seen on either show.
I'm a Spike fan, my daughters, my sister, my best friend and my husband, all the people at my friends office and the people I worked with are Spike fans. We think his character has been great and I have been enjoying seeing his character still continuing to grow even without Buffy around. They've been doing a nice job developing and showing the ongoing relationship between Angel and Spike. I don't think Spike has been the whole show, I think Spike has been there for Angel to take a good look at himself. And it's obvious that there were things going to happen with Gunn with the whole "brain enhancement" thing and his trouble last week with remembering stuff. But obviously if they only have about 4 more shows to film (I heard that when the found out they were cancelled they had already had filmed up to episode 18) they might drop some storylines in order to wrap up the main one, especially if no other network picks up the show.
I've enjoyed all your posts--just want to give a quick clarification. Yeah, I definatly agree that Joss understands pain and suffering--but the best writers, Chekov, Shakespeare, Dostevesky have written along similiar lines but have included this formula like a good doctor: "Don't cut 'em up, unless you plan to stitch 'em back together. No surgery can be successful without healing. And the world is hurting enough as it is--if you tell the truth, then your MUST offer a solution...a healing. It is the onus of being a gifted writer. You don't have to of course--but then you GET CANCELLCED!

And we all have to admit--Joss runs real light on the healing. Seems to skip grief, for some reason. O.K.,whatever...but I've always hung in having faith he would pull it together...but then got truly slammed at the end of Chosen. Lemme tell ya--took me at least six months to put my heart back in my body. Let's not even talk Cordelia.

Oh, I'm talking more than I wanted but I have to say this about Spike in 7. Cuz I can site chapter and verse of the moments that declared Spike to be a changed man. And not just with Buffy. His contact with the other's was so limited in 7-but he never snarked once (in his sane mind) semi chuff at Xander in "Lies" after which Xander patted him (Spike) on the shoulder.

Spike with the monk at the mission was a huge mile marker--he spoke to him gently and carefully. He was a little tight with Andrew--but they all were. He was definately presented as a changed man, especialy after...'Lies.' 'Lies' was the big turn around for him.

When he fought after that--it was with the calm of a samuri--with Wood,or even Faith. Just cut in got his licks in and cut out. Much, much more in control of his emotions.

And remember they wrote this--I'm just drawing a circle around what they presented. It was in Spikes eyes, the solid characterization of his body language. He had found himself.

The example I gave in seven is based on very real spiritual law. The transformation of J. Krishnamurti, Paramahansa Yogananda and of course the ever popular Buddha. That ending was so exciting because they were talking about something real. Feeling your soul is to feel a bit of heaven--and who would or could go retro after that? Real and permanent change initiated by free will choice.

It would have been scary to do--I know--but Spike at the end of 7 was the master of understanding and using free will choice. Didn't run or fight after 'the kiss.' Just hung in like a man. Free will choice forged from pain. This is something he could have taught Angel.

But this is the crux. The elite so seldom want to believe someone rising up from the mud could teach them anything.

THAT would gave been the 'bleepin' amazing story.

Just simply telling the truth.

And other characers have changed. Wesley has certainly evolved. As Gunn, and Cordy have. Be honest, really honest some Angel fans want to keep Spike a angsty snot in ATS so he can't be a real rival for Buffy's affection or respect. If we can't respect him as viewers than Buffy couldn't either or anyone for that matter.

And that is not the American way. It's pure old world philosophy--of being 'chosen' or 'cursed' and being put on god's short list through losing free will choice.

Spike brought the new world to BTVS--that's why I love him so. He is the American spirit--the self made man.

That again, is how BTVS presented him. How they let him grow.

I still maintain Joss broke cannon and cosmic law...and once he wasn't playing fair--then no surprise the WB won't play fair with them.

Throw a ball againest the wall, then bitty BONG! Not personal just physics.

O.K, thanks for the chat--sorry to wax the car, obviously these shows are important to us all for one reason or another. Oh, and I've talked to at least, what? Over forty spike fans--I'd have to check my email--I write fanfic so I get the opportunity to chat--of course it's probably with mutual minds--which explains the high percentage of nays. My sister watches but she's kinda ambivelent. Seriously, I know of long time viewers who have stopped watching like, four eps ago. But again--birds of a feather and all that. Not trying to deny anyone's reality--only describe mine.
Joss broke a cosmic law? Whoa, I didn't even know he was a powerful enough god to do such a thing. Which law was that exactly?

I certainly don't mean to say anything to offend anyone, but I get so tired of whiny Jossverse fans who come across as slightly crazed in their love/hate relationship with the shows. My eyes couldn't possibly roll more while reading some of the above posts. It's ridiculous to say that Angel is being cancelled because of the way Spike is written. Did the ratings in Buffy season 7 skyrocket when Spike was portrayed as a changed man? I think not.

You may have 45 other people who agree with you about not liking Spike this year, but I can guarantee you'll find just as many who are loving him on Angel. There's 2 in my household right here.
In my opinion, Spike's been great this year (as he has been on every single episode of Buffy and Angel). I don't think he's been out of character on Angel at all. I absolutely love the chemistry between David Boreanaz and James Marsters. And, I think it's the reason why the ratings have improved significantly this season (I read somewhere that on average Angel has gained 1/2 million viewers since last season). The development of Spike's character on Angel is not the reason for Angel's fact, it's why we even have a fifth season to begin with. No one knows exactly why the WB is cancelling Angel, but, I'm sure we can all agree that it's all about making money.
One of the things I love about ME shows are that wounds aren't always healed - and it's much more realistic and emotional that way.
Oh I give up. I could write 20 pages but you would still want to delibertely misunderstand me. And how odd that you would mock my drawing upon cosmic law when the show does it all the time.

Someone who can affect 4 million hearts simultanously has an incredable amount of power...and (I believe) Joss has hurt more people than he has helped. Accidently...but it has happened--now the arguement of intention is another twenty pages.

What is your intention?

To shut me down by getting personal?

I mentioned Spike not as a singular reason--but as an example, and how the character is being treated indicates a state of mind. And that state of mind is the wrench in the works getting the show cancelled.

Consider the full page add The Bloody Poet Society took out in Variety thanking the WB--beseeching Joss to consider putting Spike back on the road to Redemption. An add like that costs about what? $5,000. All grown from grass roots. And statisticly every person who takes the time to write in represents 300 people. So lets say 250 people gave donations of $20. That represents 75,000 people right there who want season 7 Spike back--or rather going forward.

Oh yeah, we nuts are out there. But like the old addage--decisions are made by those who show up--or don't.

With all the cards and letters they been getting along similar lines they can't help but wonder at the future of their investment. There are lists of sites dedicated to promoting Spikes redemption. Each site represents more dissapointed people. The WB can't be blind to that.


Mock me minimilaze me--but it won't change facts, karma or the golden rule.

Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

How can that be any crazier than any one proposal the show has offered over time?
I feel kinda divided with is cancellation news... On one end I'm not TOO surprised. Angel(the show and the character) has always been "trying to find it's way." First season was shaky, but intriguing, second was solid, third was...interesting...and then the fourth season was very bold and, to some, a bit over the top. As a result, a lot of the story was "brushed under the rug."
Now the fifth season, a very different premise. The show also seemed to be taking its time, a lot of time, to tell it's story.
It seemed to lose momentum until episode 11 or so. So with 10 episodes left to wrap up the whole series, I'm a bit worried.

However, I trust Joss' vision and methods, even if television is not the best venue for them. So, come this May, I REALLY hope to feel as satisfied and proud as I did last May.

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