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August 14 2012

Happy Birthday Zack Whedon, writer of possibly the best single line ever. The hammer was one of his lines in Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

Happy Birthday :)
He's the youngest!
Happy birthday, Zack!!!
Whedonesque needs a +1 button on comments.
Oh I like the line that DIDN'T get into Doctor Horrible, but made it onto the musical commentary (about the Penny is her P----). Happy Birthday Zack!
Happy Birthday, Zack Whedon!
Happiest Birthday, Zack! Thank you for your brilliant talent. May you celebrate your birthday with glorious bliss all year long!
Hmmm. If it is the line I am thinking of, it was the only line of the musical that I didn't like. I prefer the subtlety of Joss' writing. I think the shock value of crudity/cussing is far too overplayed. I did like the Horrible comics that Zack wrote though.

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