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August 15 2012

The 2nd edition of 'Serenity: Those Left Behind' is out this week. If you're a completist, this front cover has different font than the first edition.

It also seems to be a different size.

It also originally was solicited last year for a January release, which obviously didn't happen.

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It also seems to be a different size.

I was hoping you meant oversized like the Buffy HC :(
So, is this basically the limited edition aside from the different font and/or size?
Not a fan of the new font...
Get used to the font. As of the Free Comic Book Day story, that's the new licensed property name/logo.
Universal wouldn't let them use the Serenity logo? God bless rights issues.
I have no idea if they wouldn't let them. It seemed more like this way specifically delineates a new rights product under 20th.

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Not a big fan of the new logo either. But I've had this fine product pre-ordered since before the original ship date, and I'm eager to get it with any logo!
Maybe all that Internet backlash about the use of the Papyrus font prompted them to go with something new: Serenity Logo and PapyrusWatch.

That said, not sure the new one has much going for it either. Distressed serif?
Not sure about the cover.
Think I will have to see it in the shop to see whether it's worth getting (see if it fits in better with volumes 2 and 3 than the old edition of volume 1).
Been waiting for to come out for ages. Presumably it matches the size and format of the hardcovers of "Better Days" and "Shepherd's Tale."

I'm also not wild about the new logo; looks kind of plain and doesn't look a proper title. I wonder if the new logo is what held up the book for a year? I was never sure why it was being delayed for so long since all of the contents of the book had already been produced.

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It was delayed because of the rights situation shifting back over to 20th.
Presumably it matches the size and format of the hardcovers of "Better Days" and "Shepherd's Tale."

The first edition is the same size as Better Days and Shepherd's Tale. Even though Volumes 2 and 3 are listed as 7"X10" and the first edition is listed as 9"x12".
Anyone have any word on if the other hardcovers will be getting reprinted any time soon to match the new style. Obviously the "Better Days" hardcover was only released last year and is still in print, but the "Shepherd's Tale" hardcover has been OOP for a while and I would really like to get a copy.
I figured they would eventually match up the sizes. Now we can have neatly matching editions
of our Big Damn Stories. :D

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