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February 14 2004

Musings On The End by Tensai at Spoiler Slayer. Good reflective opinion piece on the current situation. And in lighter news, just for old times sake Leoff (of Buffy wildfeed fame) updates.

Fans of Angel:

Do not dispair -- while it seems like this is "final" it is nothing of the sort! If you make your voice heard to the "Powers That Be" at the WB, you will be listened to. There have been numerous examples of shows brought back from the brink of cancellation -- and one recent one, Farscape, that was resurrected with a mini-series months after its sets had been struck and cast dispersed to the winds.

So what does this mean? If you're angry, sad, disgusted, distraught... channel those energies into something constructive! Let's get organized and let The WB know that the fans are out here, and we're not going to just shrug our collective shoulders, or shout uselessly into the void.

The writers have more stories to tell. The cast wants another season. And Joss definitely does! Earlier today he wrote that he's "heartbroken" over the surprise announcement.

I've registered the domain "" -- soon the beginnings of the "Save Angel Campaign" will go live. In the meantime, I have the start of the news blog at ""

Come share your ideas and skills, your time and your determination to see Angel brought back for another season. We can make The WB higher-ups change their minds. The network execs have given us an early enough heads up, perhaps to test the waters. Now it's up to us to prove that the show is watched by people who the network wants as a demographic.

But remember -- to do this right, it has to be done together!

Please also join the "SaveAngelCampaign" Yahoo group I've started:

(I see that someone else has created a similar Yahoo Group "SaveAngel!")
We should boycott The WB or it's Sponsors.
"I've gotten more than a few emails suggesting this tactic, and I have to be honest and say 'Absolutely not'. ...Broadcast television is a mess right now, with cookie cutter series being produced everywhere. If you aren't a 30 minute sitcom, a reality show, or a police/medical/law drama, you don't have a fighting chance. I give a lot of credit to networks like The WB which take chances on series like 'Buffy' or 'Angel', as well as shows like 'Smallville' or 'Gilmore Girls'..."

Okay. Good point. I was one of the many who reacted to this news by believing we should make WB hurt in their pocketbook. Allow me to revise that. I think we as fans of quality television, who want to see quality television happen less rarely, need to start trying to be a little more self-conscious about who sponsors our favorite shows and who sponsors shows of which we don't want to see more. Personally, I try to ignore all commercials. I just wish there was some way to figure out whose sponsors of what without having to actually watch the stupid commercials. I rue the day when all television will consist of nothing but commercials.
Well the sad truth is, Zach, that commercials are what pay for the 'free' television shows like Angel which we enjoy. That The WB has stuck with a genuinely off-the-wall series is to be praised. Suggesting threats of boycott or the like just isn't the answer, and in fact may be laughably ineffective. They think you're not watching anyway!

You do hit upon a worthwhile suggestion: taking note of the commercial sponsors of the show-- and getting in touch with them. Remember, the television business is a business, and as such runs on money, not our love. (As much as we may wish it were the contrary)

So we need to convince the network and sponsors that we're watching the show *AND* the commercials. Let them both know that because of the advertising during the show, we're more likely to buy their products. Advertising isn't about sponsoring quality; it's about getting people to purchase. It's a consumer culture, so we have to play the game, if we want to get the freebies.

I invite you join up the Yahoo group I started at "" if you'd like to discuss how we can get the show picked up for next year.

good luck!
-simon (no not the same simon as often posts here)
I honestly doubt it will make a difference.

Having said that let me state me and my wife have already been signing petitions and faxing faxes.....hey at least we can put our energies into something. And who knows. If they actually meant that TV movie bit, then showing how strong a fanbase there is can never hurt. Same goes for a possible new spin off or whatever.

And another reason why we're not boycotting anything: We're not a nielsen household so we could chuck our tv out the window and they'd never know the difference anyway...

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