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August 16 2012

'The Avengers' is SFX's top superhero movie of all time. Last year the magazine's readers voted 'The Dark Knight' as the number one superhero film of all time.

There aren't really enough good superhero films for a top 50 list.
Interesting. Flavour of the month? Wonder what it will be in a few years. The genre is so prolific.
Thor in the top ten? Spider-Man 2 outside it? What a load of nonsense. This is why I hate lists I didn't write. They hardly ever follow what I think it should be.
I hate lists you didn't write Andy as they probably conflict with my list I haven't yet written.
Right? I'm starting to think that they hardly consider my lists at all.
Has it been mentioned on Whedonesque that May 1, 2015 is the official date, or has it been known for some time?
We had a post the other day about it was rumoured to be that day but as you can see there's now a front page entry confirming it.
I think the list was all voted on so thats why Thor is so high. Ironman 2 is higher than it was last year so there was a flood swell of positive Avengers voting.
Interesting to see how a vote like that turns out, even if I highly disagree with a number of things. Two things I wonder about though: why does SFX bother even working on a top 50 superhero movies list when they clearly don't believe more than a third or so are actually any good? And, also, was Dr. Horrible even an option on here, because anyone who chose 'Condorman' above Captain Hammer is clearly insane...
There is so much wrong with the rankings, I don't know where to start. Rated too high: Hellboy 1+2, Unbreakable, X2, Thor (not that I mind it being in the top 10 but c'mon). Too low: Chronicle, Spider-Man 2, Superman II. I'm pretty happy with the top 5 but I don't totally agree with it.

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