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August 16 2012

Official Facebook Cabin in the Woods Monster Madness Tournament begins! Head on over to Facebook if you want to vote for your favorite creature.

Because the movie isn't out in some countries yet, we're trying to keep specific spoilers off the front page so that's why your entry got edited.
I'm SO voting in this! haha.

Can't wait to hear the commentary on this.
I don't understand how this works. There are two different criteria - deadly and terrifying - so how do you pick? Do you only vote if you feel one creature is both more deadly and more terrifying than the other?
Voted for the Merman!
I'm waiting for the DVD release , there were so many monsters that I can't recall them all. Except for Merman of course !
Xander Harris votes for the clown.

That clown was STRAIGHT out of Buffy season 1.

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