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August 16 2012

CBS buys legal drama written by Danny Strong. It centers around a father/daughter lawyer duo and is produced by Robert DeNiro.

Yay for Danny.
"CBS buys legal drama" -- no surprises there
"written by Danny Strong" -- yay Danny!
Heck yes! Go Danny!
Aaaaaaand…. now I've got a new show to add to the list.
Danny Strong's continued success makes me smile. That's some pretty heady company he's working with. Danny's real life is beginning to resemble the Superstar life of Jonathan.
Alright, this is definitely on my to-watch list. I hope it doesn't fall into the procedural trap of just cases and no story progression.
How did I miss this when it was at the top of the page?! I'm very excited about this, but what is it called? There are a lot of legal dramas on CBS and I don't want to miss out on this!

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