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"Man. Atonement's a bitch."
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August 16 2012

Mike Birbiglia and Ira Glass to Joss Whedon: It's On. They post a video in reaction to Joss' call for a boycott of 'Sleepwalk With Me'.

Well that escalated quickly.

It's "boy" as in "boy, that escalated quickly." (Sorry)
I just realized Mike Birbiglia is from "Girls".
It's "boy" as in "boy, that escalated quickly." (Sorry)

I just follow the meme which is not always 100% accurate.
Ha! Love this interchange. I was very happy to see this is going to be at the Long Beach Art Theater. That's two tickets sold for sure!
They sound like they don't want to be the ant. What the hell's wrong with ants?! Somebody call PETA!!!
I love this whole faux kerfuffle :).
So many points for the phrase "faux kerfuffle!"
That was ridiculously charming.. "We're the ant?!" Indeed.
"Corporate spectacle" vs "American values" and I have no real desire to see either film... it's like the Republican primary all over again.
Down with this sort of thing!
@ZpdKneelsFirst, careful now!
Faux kerfuffles are the back bone of social media, so I need to relink this to facebook and twitter asap! I hope I get to see this movie soon (Iowa never gets anything good).

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