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August 16 2012

(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Buffyverse comic books for November. Buffy #15, Angel & Faith #16,Spike # 4(of 5) and Willow # 1(of 5).

Loving the Willow covers.
Oooo..... The thought of Spike and this new girl character having sparks flying is awesome... I'm a huge Spike/Buffy supporter but it's about time someone notices how great Spike is :D
packed month. can't wait.
While you're looking at that page, in addition to the Whedonverse stuff, put Mind MGMT and the Dark Horse Presents issue that starts a new Alabaster story on your list.
All looks amazing. BRING IT! :)
Thank God. I just bought this art piece(a panel from issue 15) from Ben Dewey because it said it would feature in issue 15. I hadn't heard of this or him before so I was afraid I was being ripped off. Good to know it's now a lot less likely that I was. Good I jumped on it, since the seller said Dewey won't sell any other Buffy pages.


Don't get too excited, it looks like Spike is pulling back.

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@skytteflickan, oh, I know :D I just love that SOMEONE is taking notice of Spike, regardless if he reciprocates the feelings or not. Spike's never been in a situation where a girl, who's a likely candidate for his affections, likes him but he doesn't return those affections. Sooo interesting!!

I agree, it's nice that he's noticed. But I think you're forgetting Spider. He didn't seem to like her all that much.
Also really loving the Willow covers. That likeness to Alyson Hannigan on Megan Lara's variant cover? Very nice, indeed.

Have we gotten any preview pages on the Willow series yet? I'm really falling behind.
I nearly skipped over the Willow ones because I just thought it was a Kabuki comic. Which is funny because I loved Kabuki, so I wonder if it will be tonally similar to Willow.
Spike already forgotten Buffy? What a disappointment
Willow's going to Dune or is the vagina monster returns in Wonderland? But honestly I didn't recognize Willow on neither of the covers (in the second one she looks to me more like Ron from Harry Potter)

I suppose there's another crack/link to different realms on Easter Island if Spike goes there. And with W&H connection through internet really makes you wonder why Willow had to take off dimension hoping.
Wow! So excited for November! Things seem to really be heating up in the main titles. I'm interested in seeing Nadira and Angel finally square off. The zompire threat seems like it's become a lot more serious and a real global threat. The Spike series seems ever the more promising (I wonder what memories of Spike's are being referred to...) and those Willow covers are just gorgeous (return of magic, eh? But at what price...?) The decision to go with several titles for this season appears like it will deliver in an organized and focused way that S8 aspired towards. I smell an explosive end to Season 9...bring it on!
@lisatwingomez Spike + Harmony, though?
Or was she not "a likely candidate for his affections" in your books? If so, fair enough :D

This looks to be a good month of comics.
The Morris cover for Angel & Faith #16 is particularly beautiful.

And it's awesome that David Mack will be doing covers for the Willow series.
Great covers pretty much across the board.

While you're looking at that page, in addition to the Whedonverse stuff, put Mind MGMT and the Dark Horse Presents issue that starts a new Alabaster story on your list.

Everyone should be reading Dark Horse Presents. It is one of the best buys going around at the moment. Consistently great every month. Also off topic, but that cover for Colder is absolutely AWESOME.
Christos Gage has revealed the title of the next arc of Angel & Faith beginning in issue 16.

"Death And Consequences"


The title of the Willow mini is, "Wonderland" according to Slayalive.

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