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August 16 2012

TV Guide takes notice -- How TV Veterans Conquered the Summer Movies. Both Joss and Marti Noxon are discussed.

Whedon, meanwhile, made Marvel Studios so happy, he was signed to both direct a sequel to The Avengers and also create a new Marvel-based live action TV show for ABC. Says one writer: "Yes, guys like Joss and Seth have found huge success. They're collaborative guys who have clear vision and when they apply those skills to movies, why wouldn't they be great?"

For former Buffy showrunner Marti Noxon, the decision to pursue movies (Fright Night) came as she wanted to take a break from the world of high-strung TV execs and their show notes. "Compared to the way I was treated by network execs, I get a lot more respect in film," she says. "Success is so hard to predict in TV and they get so hands-on that it became impossible for me... As much as writers don't get any respect on the feature side, they hired you because you have a track record." Still, Noxon missed being involved in production, which is why she's back at TV (with projects at Syfy, MTV and Showtime).

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