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August 16 2012

Enver Gjokaj is going to be in Season 7 of Dexter. See him in the new trailer! Confirmed via his twitter that he'll at least be in the season premiere.

He shows up around the 1:20 mark. I had given up on this show after last season, but I might have to tune in for Enver!

I also gave up on the show but might tune in to see Enver. Sigh. Dexter used to be one of my favorite shows and then it kinda just fell off. :shruggs:
I'm really excited for this season. No way would I miss this showdown. This is what I've been waiting for for 5 seasons.

Enver needs to be in more shows. I hope it's not a small role.
I hope they can save the continually sinking ship that is Dexter somehow ...

Hopefully he gets a bigger part in the show (or any [good] show!)
I sort of despised season 6 of Dexter, but that looks quite fun.
yea, i hated the last season. it just felt so disjointed, and it never went to the places of pathos that previous seasons did. hope this upcoming one steps up and brings back all the depth of seasons 1-5
Trailers can be made to make anything look good and epic, but I have faith that season seven will put Dexter back on track after a so-so fifth and abysmal sixth. This new dynamic between Dex and Deb should make the storytelling so much stronger (and hopefully wipes clean the icky dynamic from last season). Also, Gjokj can't hurt.
Still loving every minute of Dexter after six seasons! Can't wait to see what Enver brings, looks like a cop from that promo. I'm getting excited now!
I donīt know if this is against spoiler policy, but because itīs just my speculation, I want to make sure I saw it right.

Is Masuka going to die?
I doubt they'd spoil something like that in a trailer. More likely it's another one of Dexter's dream sequences. Still, with a definite end point set and the walls closing in on Dexter, it may be a portent of things to come.

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Awesome! Go Enver.

Last season was kinda weak, but now that we finally got to the big dealz, it may find new life. The last season felt like the fetch quests they put in games to extend them to 100 hours.
I hope this is the final season and they do it well.
My sister and ger husband are watching season 5 now. I keep telling them you have to endure two bad seasons to get to the good stuff. But I can't tell them why season 7 is going to be good without spoiling the end of season 6.
I really think the problem the show had was not doing this four seasons ago.
I thought that was him!! Dammit, maybe I will tune in after all.

Bunnies, this is the penultimate season. They're ending with season eight. So I figure I want to see their endgame.
Bunnies, all reports point to the eighth season of Dexter planned as the final one.
Huh. I enjoyed season 5.
I enjoyed S5. Didn't think S6 was too bad but possibly that's because I watched it all over a week, if I'd watched in over several months there are a couple of developments that I really wouldn't have enjoyed being drawn out.

Great for Enver though. Can't decide whether I want him to be one of Dexter's victims or not. Would be awful to see his character killed but at least he'd get more screentime than as a bit-part player.
He's going to be in Made for Jersey too.
I haven't seen the fifth season yet. The fourth was incredible, that Thanksgiving episode is the most chilling episode of tv I have ever seen.
Simon, interesting. I thought the fourth, while good, was incredibly predictable due to the nature of the show. It's always going to be repetitive (up until this season, of course, which is due to a network head mandate) so it pretty much lost all intensity before it even began.

I'm interested in seeing the direction this year takes, but being seated next to Homeland, it's going to be hard for it to really shine.
I'm still on season 3 of Dexter so I'm thrilled Enver will be on Made in Jersey as well. The pilot was much better than I expected it to be with great casting (Kyle MacLachlan).
Simon, I agree. That Thanksgiving episode was tense as hell.
I must be a Season 6 worshiper. S6 Buffy, and S6 Dexter were my second favorites for both shows.

I kind of think Enver would not have been in the trailer if he was not a key player this season.
So far I enjoyed all of Dexter, but yeah season 4 was epic (I'm a big fan of season 2 as well). Not because it was unpredictable, but because it was so tense and Trinity was very creepy. It was difficult to follow that up. I even liked season 5, although I missed Julie Benz, and ratings were good that year, right? Could have done without 6 mostly, but I still think that Dexter is one of the most consistently well written shows out there and one or two weaker seasons won't change that for me.

Also, imagine it having 22 episodes each season, that would have dragged out. Shorter season are always tighter (Look at Sherlock!). So hopefully they are going to end it with a bang which they might be able to, especially if Enver has a bigger role. I hate it when a show I used to love goes downhill and ends on a disappointing low or kind of in the middle (Veronica Mars...).
I liked last season. Thought the question of faith was interesting. Go Enver! (That many needs to be seen.) I'm waiting for him to play Paul Ryan in the Danny Strong movie about the upcoming election.

Cause really - who else?
Agree with you Redeem. I really enjoyed some areas that season 6 went and not really sure why there is such hate for it. I was not fussed on the the direction that Debra's story went in the last couple of episodes, but that is looking as if it will be dialled back and mainly focus on the aftermath of the final scene. Some of the hooks they have set up for season 7 are looking really promising too.

Season 5 on the other hand was very disappointing. Although it had some really tense moments and always felt as if it was building to something, the ending just invalidated all that had gone before. The "almost" confrontation between Debra and Dexter along with the quick fix of the Julia Stiles character's development just felt all too simplistic. The later of those in particular actually felt thematically completely at odds with everything that had gone before too. Season 6 definitely felt as if it was back on form after that.

Agree with others on season 4 though. Really excellent year, even if I did have the ending spoiled for me.

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