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August 17 2012

Enver Gjokaj to guest star in new CBS drama, Made in Jersey. Gjokaj will play U.S. attorney Tommy Ligand. The series premieres September 28 on CBS in the U.S.

Darn. Now I have to watch this.
Well, I'll give it a shot, I guess. Enver's certainly earned that at least.
Wow, Enver sure is all over the place these days!
I live in New Jersey and I usually avoid all 'Jersey' shows, but any show with Enver in it is a must-watch for me. If anyone can redeem my state's image Enver certainly can.... maybe he can wipe away the memory of all those horrid Jersey shows out there now :)
I'm also from and live in New Jersey. I really did not want to see another show set in NJ, but I guess I'll have to check this out. They say they are trying to avoid or get past stereotypes by casting a woman from England to pay the lead. I'm not sure that makes any sense at all. sigh
i've seen the pilot. It doesn't suck.

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