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"KKcht. Eagle one to German guys from 'Die Hard', what is your position? KKRrtch."
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August 17 2012

Mad magazine parodies The Avengers. By all accounts, Joss and some of his own characters feature in the parody as well.

There's still a Mad Magazine?
"Low-key is my rotten brother" ROFL

I need this.
"There's still a Mad Magazine?"

On one hand, it does feel like a rite of passage for Joss to get a Mad parody. On the other hand, it's kinda sad that I have more affection these days for the "Cracked" brand of humor.
"Blorch!" Wow. Long time since I heard (read) that!
Yay! I was hoping Tom Richmond would be the artist, and he is! He's, in my opinion, the greatest mainstream caricature artist not currently named Sebastian Kruger.
Btw some of the Whedonverse characters featured are

Arsenal: If it's a rite of passage, Joss passed in '98, when they did a Buffy spoof.
They also did Angel while series 1 was showing (it was a rewrite of I've Got You Under My Skin - 'you're 221 years old? Forget the kid, just give me the name of your plastic surgeon!')still waiting for Firefly et al though. Would be nice cough*hint*cough. (Can you imagine how they'd do Dollhouse? I can see Mort Drucker's version of Ballard now.)

I've been buying MAD since 1983 - since the British edition closed it's got a bit harder to keep up since we don't get most of the programmes they do now, but the number of films I know the plot of without ever having seen is amazing!

Can't wait for this one :D
Just thought I'd share one of my other favorite caricaturist's version of "The Avengers." This is a guy named Don Pinsent, and he's pretty fantastic.
Lawsy, that takes me back. I kinda knew MAD was still around, but I think the last thing I saw was a South Park parody from, gods, I don't know how long ago. Plus ša change...

And yet they still look & feel exactly the same, right down to the "Blecch" for "Black". (BTW, that's kindof a miss for that bit - Scarlett Johansson looked freakin' awesome as The Black Widow. But positively.)

Anyway, this reminds me of being a kid and when fighting my big sister for first rights to the fold-in really mattered to me. ; ]
My dad still has the Star Wars parody issue from '77. It looks... almost exactly the same as this. It's wonderful that Mad exists, but I do have to wonder if maybe they've peaked.
Well I always thought that Mad Magazine peaked back in 1962 when they did a spoof of HMS Pinafore with the Kennedy clan. Things like that inspired kids to learn more about politics and Gilbert & Sullivan. This is cute, but not as satirically sharp.
Am I the only one here that got tossed out of a store for "prefolding" the last page of "Mad"?

This issue is a keeper, looking forward to it. BTW, the word award of the day is to embers for "satirically".

Gosh, I can't even pronounce it without giggling!

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