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August 17 2012

Jane Espenson and Brad Bell discuss Husbands on Google Play. If you missed the live event, the whole video is now available to watch.

Okay the video starts with 3 full minutes of bad music and no picture..., and then was all disorganized, which put me off. Hopefully the next half hour will be better. Okay, that turned into an entertaining and informative interview: they picked fans who had interesting questions which helped move the interview forward very well.

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That's good. I had problems accessing. I enjoyed the first ep but wasn't sure how the gals were related? We're they a bonus scene but with none of the husband actors?
@hann23 Yeah, I think that last scene should have really been a bonus video. I got what it was doing (satirising the way female homosexual relationships are represented on tv, especially on networks like the CW) and its relation was that it was playing in the background of a scene earlier on, but it was some what out of place and confusing being right on the end and the length that it was. Love Husbands though!
Jane, run! Run as fast as you can!
what is the schedule that husbands episodes runs on? like, what day do new episodes get released on, or is it completely sporatic/random?
@tayriley I believe new Husbands content is released every Wednesday. An episode one week, a behind the scenes film the next for all of Season 2.

Also, I was one of the lucky ones who did the Google + Hangout and it was a blast. Jane & Brad are so warm and welcoming that being in their company felt relaxed and a fun place to be.

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