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February 14 2004

Hannigan Plays Good Cop on 'That '70s Show' Take a break from all your worries and read about Alyson's guest spot, her Ben Affleck story, and how her husband is "super-sized"

Heh, I'm sure Alexis will be thankful for that interview.

Okay, I dunno if I wanna get into another typical sitcom (ie, anything with a laugh track, anything that isn't Scrubs or Malcolm In The Middle), but Alyson + Eric Christian Olsen (ignore his films, concentrate on his roles on TV shows Get Real and 24) means the cute/hotness factor is double and...I looked up the showrunners. Matt Tarses has been a writer/producer on both Scrubs and Sports Night. So far so good. Bill Wrubel's been the same on Scrubs and Will & Grace. Haven't seen those two guys' movie, A Guy Thing, but at least their TV track record is okay.
She is just so sweet! She and AD must be upset about the cancellation of Angel and I wish them both the best of luck. If Angel doesn't find a new home I'm hoping he'll find something new. He's such a great actor too.
Funnily, I've always had a moment of, "Is that WESLEY?" when I've flipped by Will & Grace and seen Eric McCormack. It took a really long time for it to sink in.
there's not a laugh track on the new sitcom. one of AH's conditions/requests was that it was filmed in front of a live audience

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