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August 20 2012

Happy birthday to James Marsters. He turns 50 today.

Happy birthday!
It's also the birthday of Amy Adams, who played Beth in Buffy's Family.
Happy Birthday Jimmy boy, you're wearing well. :D
Happy Birthday Mr Marsters. Have a wonderful day with your family and friends.

I wish you health and happiness.
Happy Birthday James Marsters!!! You're the reason behind it all - talent, good looks, smarts, and charm.

And, how awesome it is you share the same day with Misha Collins? You guys should be best buds and do everything together ;p
Happy Birthday!!!

Can't believe he's already 50 ... still lookin' good ;)
Happy bday-hope I look that good at 50! Or even 35!
Happy Birthday!!!!!
Happy Birthday James!
Happy Birthday James! Best wishes to you and yours! And thank you for sharing your talent with us <3<3<3
happy birthday blonde bear, ok ok i mean james. may your day be filled with love and laughter, if time permits cupcakes and cuddles.
Happy birthday, James! And also to my friend Naomi who shares it.
I work at a movie theater, and James came to see a movie with his son over the weekend. I was a fanboy just a little bit, and he was very, very cool. He even took the time, after the film, to come back to where I was and chat with me again and introduce me to his son. Again, just exactly how you'd want him to be.

Happy birthday, sir.
Happy Birthday to the man who played my favorite character of all time!!!
Wow, @XanMan, that's really cool! He seems like such a great guy.

Happy Birthday James, and thanks for playing one of my favorite characters on TV.
Happy B-Day Blondie!
Happy birthday to a marvelous actor!

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