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August 20 2012

SciFiNow's top ten best Angel episodes. Find out if your favourites made the list.

All great episodes, but a little Season 5 heavy. I would have given other seasons some more love, and "Spin the Bottle" would have been in there for me.
I agree for the most part... except that they didn't include Hole in the World.
All great episodes, but I cannot for the life of me fathom how "Hole in the World" or "The Girl in Question" didn't make their list, when "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been?" did. Never understood the love for that ep.
That's a pretty good list, I'm glad to see "Souless" so high, that episode is really intense.

But yeah, I feel a top 10 should include "A hole in the world", "Spin the bottle", and "Reprise".
Very Season 2 light! How could a Pylea episode get in over "Darla", "Reunion" or "Reprise"?

Madness I tells ya!
No freaking way. :)

Where are:


Five by Five




Spin the Bottle



Hole in the World ?

Never liked Soulless , and Waiting in the Wings is your basic remake of Buffy's S2 I only have eyes for you.
Yeah, I'd definitely put Reunion in there instead of the Plrtz Glrb episode. Darla and Dru on their "shopping" spree and Angel locking them in the wine cellar with Holland Manners and the other W&H lawyers. As good as some of the others are, that's my favorite episode of the entire series.
That's one of my favourite episodes too. I'm really fond of I Will Remember You and Hero as well.
i think I Will Remember You might just be may favorite joss anything. so tragic and so heroic
Not a good list, I don't think. Too heavy on a season 5 that really was not Angel's best season.
It's an okay list.

I've always found both "Hero" and "You're Welcome" to be overrated. They've both got decent last five minutes, but the episodes themselves are a shade dull.

Then again, I always preferred the Pylea episodes to the Darla arc too (although "The Trial" is a standout).
I forgot about Reunion, that would be on mine too.
I'm fine with the Season 5 love, it's my favorite tv season ever, but where is Destiny??? There's nothing more epic than that... And You're Welcome should not be that high up. I love the series finale, but it's definitely not the best episode of Angel.
It's fine that it's Season 5 heavy, just not all of the right Season 5 episodes are there in my opinion.

Destiny, A Hole in the World, and A Girl in Question should be on there!

Also WAY more Season 2, and Orpheus!
It's odd - I remember people HATING The Girl in Question when it was first shown. Apparently, time has allowed for a change in perspective as there have been several positive comments about that one.
I agree with the author that Angel doesn't get enough credit compared to Joss's other work. I've seen alot of top list of whedon's work. It seems people can agree what Buffy, Firefly and Dollhouse should be on. Angel always seems to have a different set of eposides. I think that shows just how great and consitant the series was.
Re: Waiting in the Wings... I liked it *better* than "I Only Have Eyes for You"... although wasn't that the episode where Joss decided David could carry a spinoff show of his own?

At any rate, Waiting in the Wings introduced us to Summer Glau. It must be given appropriate consideration for the accomplishment! :-)
It's odd - I remember people HATING The Girl in Question when it was first shown

It came (and comes) very awkwardly in the sequence of episodes. All kinds of high-drama, high emotional-stakes issues that the fandom were hanging on just got put off for a silly, fun episode. Tonally it's an incredible wrench from the episodes immediately before and after. On it's own, though, it's hilarious ("Gypsies! Pah! We will speak of them NO MORE!" is a fairly frequent catch-phrase around our house). I think when people came to it on the DVDs or in re-run they were able to judge it more on its own merits.
Like the author of the list (see comments under the list itself), I'd have most of Season 4 on a "best of" list--except that what I love about S4 is it's extraordinary continuously building storyline; which means it's almost impossible to pick out individual stand-alone episodes.
Dude where is I Will Remember You? That was in the top five list in my head,
I don't know... The Girl in Question was hilarious but it really had two plotlines running through it - one of which was Wesley meeting the Burkles again and Illyria pretending to be Fred, which was heartbreaking.

I'd probably add a Hole in the World to the list, as well as Hero and some of the Darla-centric episodes from season 2.
I'm perfectly fine with the season 5 heaviness. My list is quite season 5 heavy as well.
My personal list:
10. Waiting in the Wings
9. Time Bomb
8. Deep Down
7. Smile Time
6. Your Welcome
5. Lineage
4. Billy
3. Spin the Bottle
2. Not Fade Away
1. A Hole in the World
I would have:

~ pretty much all the Faith episodes, Five by Five / Sanctuary and Salvage / Release / Orpheus.

~ Reprise

~ Disharmony

~ And I'd probably round it off with some episodes from the 2nd half of Season 4 (like Inside Out or Magic Bullet, for instance), or Spin the Bottle, or maybe I'd squeeze Reunion in there.
It's good to find someone else who lists Angel as their favorite Whedonverse show. It's almost like the Black Sheep of the Whedon shows, which is sad, because it is my favorite.

I am happy that "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been?" made the list. I've always adored that episode honestly. It's the sign when Angel really got into its own.

Also, "Billy" would be on my list too.

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