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August 20 2012

Joss Whedon talks about the Avengers sequel and more. The interview is in Japanese so if you're not au fait with that language, use Google Translate or Microsoft Translator to get a general idea of what Joss is talking about.

Thanks for including a translation link.
But according to the translation, the interview was actually with "Joss U~edon". Maybe the Purple One can arrange to work with this U~edon guy.

And when I think back to some of the stream-of-consciousness stuff that he has posted here in the past, I'm fearful that Joss's quotes in the article (after translation) are completely accurate. :-)

And I do like the movie poster. Get to see the actors in civies, and then in heroic uniforms above them.

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I've added a link to a Microsoft service as well.
"Were you still hard to write a screenplay?"

Not sure I want that question answered!
We know Joss loves his work...
""Were you still hard to write a screenplay?"

Not sure I want that question answered!"

ROFL!! I am pretty sure Joss has a mancrush on every member of The Avengers. How could you NOT, when you spend so much time using the camera to lovingly caress those bulging supermuscles...what was I saying?

I hear he has a thing for Agent Coulson, too :)
Didn't translate the article, but here are a couple fun transliterations I gathered from my limited knowledge of katakana, in case anyone wants to know how to pronounce these words the way they're written in Japanese:

Joss = Josu

Avengers = Abenjaazu

Marvel = Maabere

interview = intabyuu

nostalgia = nosutarejaa

hero = hiirou

The latter three I find interesting because the use of borrowed English words suggests that there's no Japanese equivalent, or that the connotation is different enough to matter.

(Don't trust me as a source btw!)
Can someone put the translated version on here? I'm on my phone and can't translate it myself right now...
hero = hiirou

That's an odd one. Obviously the Japanese must have some word roughly equivalent to "hero." I'd be interested to know what they use the loan word for: does it get used specifically for "superhero"?
I haven't seen it mentioned here yet but Avengers opened to 16 million in Japan which is pretty good.
@Yoink - that's what I was wondering. I could have been wrong about it, but the pronunciation comes out as close to "hero" as it could be, so I don't know what other word it could represent.
from now on I'll refer to him as Jossu. Avengersu Assemblesu!
Screenrant assembled a translation of the most pertinent details from the interviews here
Thank you Dottikin. There is a lot of great stuff in here, and I love the confirmation from Joss himself that he will be heavily involved in the other films.

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